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PSVita: PKGj gets updated & now adds PSP support!!!

Developer Blastrock have pushed out another update to his pkgj app for the PSVita and PSTV, Now bumped up to v0.14. This update adds the much-requested PSP packages, which I thought was the missing link to the application! This update also brings more downloads, such as TSV support, and DLC …

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PSVita: Psvimgtools 1.7.2 updated to extract PKG to NoNpDrm & much more

It’s been a while since PSVimgtools has been updated but GuidoGhidini has been working on a few updates to this latest version of PSVIMGTOOL. Most updates to these tools are not always the biggest or they are just to clean it up a little, the last big update GuidoGhidini did to the …

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The Flow releases NoNpDrm Plugin for the PSVita

Developer The Flow has delivered yet another great plugin to the scene and it’s called the NoNpDrm Plugin. So now you don’t have to worry about those pesky licenses anymore or miss place your act.dat then on accident restore your system. The NoNpDRM content license keys are fake licenses allowing you to play …

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Adrenaline 3 updated to fix doubletap bug & becomes Open Source

It didn’t take the Flow long to update Adrenaline-3 to address two bugs that a lot of people were talking about. The first one is the double-tap bug and the other once is menu access after enabling/disabling WIFI. Now I didn’t notice the bugs until someone mentioned it as I was …

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PSVita: EasyInstaller updated for Adrenaline 3

The Adrenaline EasyInstaller app has become one of our most popular homebrew with over 100,000 downloads and that not counting other sites that may have it on their server. With this Homebrew, you can install and uninstall Adrenaline as well as the custom LiveArea theme very easily. Now with Adrenaline-2 you have …

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PSVita: How to setup a new or old PSN account with FW3.60

A couple of days ago YifanLu released his Vita netcheck bypass plugin we talked about earlier. The idea is that it simply bypasses the PSN login check which some games and apps have (but not necessarily need) to work. It doesn’t activate the vita but hopefully sooner other later someone …

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