PSVita: PKGj gets updated & now adds PSP support!!!

Developer Blastrock have pushed out another update to his pkgj app for the PSVita and PSTV, Now bumped up to v0.14. This update adds the much-requested PSP packages, which I thought was the missing link to the application! This update also brings more downloads, such as TSV support, and DLC content. The features haven’t changed much from the previous update, but now interrupted downloads can resume where you left off at even if you shut down the app and open up another app or game.


Blastrock added in the feature section that the bubble will show up on the home screen live area but this has yet to be confirmed.


  • The easy way to view the list of available downloads, including search, filtering, and sorting.
  • No PC required! Everything takes place on the Vita.
  • Automatic download and decompression. The bubbles will go directly to the live area!
  • Resuming of interrupted files! you can stop the file you were downloading, close the app and go back to where you left off.

If you interested in giving this update a shot hit the link at the bottom, also you will have to add the config line for PSP packages in the pkgj folder for the PSP pkg’s to show up. You must have 3.60 henkaku or 3.65 enso installed to use this app.


Download: pkgj.vpk

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