PlayStation TV whitelist hack & more on FW3.60

At first, it might be crucial to mention that there is no Custom Firmware like you may know from PSP or PS3 systems (yet). Additionally, regarding the available hacks & tricks, there is no big difference between all models of the Vita including the PSTV. But when talking about hacks for the Vita we need to differentiate between the native and ePSP (emulated PSP) part.

PlayStation TV whitelist hack

Well so much for the intro, if you found your way here you most probably just got yourself a Vita and want to know what you can do and how to install it. Let’s simply start with the available hacks for this particular firmware then:

Native hacks & tricks

The Vita may not have a Custom Firmware yet but we can already create and run custom Homebrews that you can now even set up as bubbles in the Live Area! Just click the icons to proceed for more information, tutorials, and files:

(Homebrew Enabler)
taiHEN (CFW framework)
Backup Editing


Modifications possible through using HENkaku:

Adrenaline (eCFW)
Whitelist Patch
Custom Themes
PKG Installer
Trophy Hack
Registry Hacks

ePSP hacks

Installing ePSP hacks have never been easier. To use ePSP hacks and create ePSP bubbles on this firmware you will need to use the HENkaku mentioned above.

Custom Bubbles

File Management & New Content

Since the Vita is one of the securest gaming consoles to date, its already a pain to just maintain your media and savegames on the device as it need an extra program (Content Manager Assistant) and there is no easy USB plug&play solution anymore like you may know from other devices. The scene’s answer to that is third-party programmes like QCMA with at least support for older firmware and advanced options.

To get new PSN content on a Vita running an older firmware is a pain and needs you to (as already mentioned) have access to a PlayStation 3. Which is yet another reason for some people to just update to the latest firmware.


To update or not to update

If you love hacking you have to keep in mind that it becomes even more painful to install and use the available hacks the higher your Vita’s firmware is since Sony is thoroughly preventing any kinds of hacks with their “stability firmware updates”. And that’s why there is always the big decision to make on whether to stay on a lower firmware and enjoy the available hacks or stay up to date with the latest firmware to access the PSN store and online services.

If you decide to stay on older Vita FW check out our guides here.

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