PSN access & FW3.60.. whats going on??

So it looks like Sony’s finally blocking firmware 3.60 once again. It all started late last night like always, with one country that starts to see timeout issues on PSN. While the rest of us aren’t seeing yet. So if you’re seeing a timeout issue or can access PSN, Sony finally changed up the access key as we all know they were already blocking activation access on firmware 3.60 with every little trick we had in the book, even with the PS3, activation¬†is blocked.

They basically made firmware 3.60 the black sheep of firmware. They don’t want you to have any way to access PSN on that firmware or even activate a Vita on Lower firmware with 3.60. Because the funny thing is you can actually activate vitas on lower firmware then 3.60 all they did was pinpoint this firmware as a problem. Kind of funny if you ask me, they went through all this trouble to stop this firmware and nothing else.

Oh well, we had a long time of PSN access thanks to Team molecule, as we lost it then we got it back and now we lost it again but we’ve had it for a lot longer than we’ve ever had it before imp.

So if you’re seeing timeout issues or anything like that on FW3.60 then PSN is done for now on FW3.60 but hey you never know we could get it back later…

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  1. It seems 3.61/3.63’s activation/download from PSN are still alive now(with PS3 method)
    But we don’t know when Sony will entirely block it too.

    • I s their any way to use a non activated 3.60 vita and install ENSO then spoof to 3.65 and activate the vita?

      • No, they BLOCKED and ONLY blocked 3.60. If your PSVita on a lower or higher firmware, you can active it with PS3. But on exact 3.60, in the moment, NO.

  2. Is there anyway to use or alter a activated license with the registry files from the same account on for example a pstv from originally a psvita? Got adrenaline to run but stops at the adrenaline splash screen.

  3. Ruben Pablo Lopez

    Work for me now, no problems , i play online

  4. My problem is that I can’t use remote play even on wifi without activation?

  5. Hmm… Well… I don’t know about others.. But my 3.60 Vita is working flawlessly playing online with Enso running… Europe, PT, here. Accessed Store and Ridge Racer, and everything OK… Maybe it’s temporary…

  6. Wait, you say “you can actually activate vitas on lower firmware than 3.60”
    Does that means I can use PS3 to activate my 3.01 PSVita?

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