Ark bubble for FW3.60 & it even works on FW3.63

Qwikzaor is back at it again since he back from his little getaway. After playing around with HENkaku and seeing what the new hacks could do, he has released Ark for FW3.60.


Now this works just like the other pboots you may have installed like VHBL for example. You are going to need to use HENkaku so you can place the pboot into a PSP game, demo, or mini you want to use as a base. Also once you have Ark installed you will not need HENkaku or taiHEN to use Ark unlike Adrenaline. This is just like the other emulator pboot we have released, where once they are installed they work even if you restart the vita.vita-fw3-63-with-ark

Copy PBOOT.PBP to base PSP game folder in ms0:/PSP/GAME/GAMEID/
Transfer PSP save to the Vita.
Backup and restore base PSP game with CMA/QCMA. Install Ark game save via CMA/QCMA, just like any psp game save you install on the vita with CMA/QCMA.
You should now have ARK on the Live Area where the original base game should be.
Now you can run PSP homebrew and games.
Enjoy ARK on 3.60. 🙂

To exit games and homebrew to the ARK menu, hold L + R + Down + Start.

Download: Ark FW3.60

Now here is the really cool part about this release of Ark, is that it will work on FW3.63!! As of firmware 3.61 & 3.63 on the PSVita or PSTV you can’t install any hacks yourself unless you have 2 devices and a PS3. You would first have to do the hack then back it up with QCMA/CMA and then place it on the other vita on current FW. You can see in the video below that Ark is working on FW3.63. ( sorry about the video as it’s a little rushed)

If you updated, missed out or just don’t have the extra devices needed to do this. We still can help you get these bubbles on FW3.63 and much more. You can email me at or visit our forums here for more info.


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  1. “Transfer PSP save to the Vita.”

    Okay. Where on the Vita? I need to know the folder and which files specifically.

    • Do it through QCMA and transfer it as a normal PSP save would be transferred.

      The save file is the folder ARK_01234. Find the directory that QCMA uses to back up games and stuff. The save goes in whateverDIrectry/App/PSAVEDATA/some_random_numbers/ARK_01234.
      For example, the directory for me is C:\Users\knoob\Documents\Vita\App\PSAVEDATA\963e148ua07ed628\ARK_01234.

      Or, you could probably transfer it with FTP and Vitashell. I’m pretty sure it would go in ux0:pspemu/PSP/SAVEDATA/ARK_01234.

      Hope I helped.

      • I tried putting ARK_01234 into the SAVEDATA folder, using Vitashell. While ARK would technically start, it gave me a plain text interface rather than the graphic interface I’ve seen in YouTube videos, and most everything I tried to run would freeze or crash. So I guess I’ll have to try the other method you described.

        I do appreciate the help, though. You went into more detail than the instructions provided with this app, that’s for sure.

  2. Do we need to have vita activated for this?

  3. not working. I’m using impossible game as a base game and have done all the things as written above but it doesnt work. VHBL works without any problems at all. Does it not work with minis or something?

    • Managed to run it through vhbl but it doesnt allow me to “run files”, guess it has to to with it not launching from its original pboot…

      • Got it to work. Tried to restart the vita and copy the backup onto the vita again and it worked. My vita seems to have a gost in it since dev stuff remains after full reset or a rebuild of the database xD

  4. Its working perfectly for me. Even CSOs are running. 🙂
    All on unmodded 3.63 Phat Vita.

    Copied the fboot via a 3.60 Vita, backed up, restored to 3.63 vita. run, working. 🙂

  5. Trying to get some plugins working and cant.
    After TempAR to work but so far nothing is working.
    Got SEPLUGINS in the root dir, not sure what the plugin TXT file should be called or what format to put the info in as it changes from older formats to the latest.

    Anyone got SEPLUGINS to work? Can I get an example line from the TXT file so I can copy the format.

  6. How do I get PS1 games to work on ARK? Everytime I load the eboot I get a black screen. How do I fix this?

  7. What about ps1 eboots ?

  8. this ark is very sensitive on 3.63. I don’t know about other firmware.
    it freeze anytime and got error c1-2858-3 on any psp game that i try. it can be triggered in anywhere but mostly after load save data or while loading, and sometime at beginning after long black screen.
    is there someone try this on fw3.63?
    if there is someone that play this ark smoothly on fw3.63 than it just my vita that has sickness.

  9. How to do this on 3.63???

  10. why do i hav to keep reinstall my emulators eveytime i run ark on fw 3.63

  11. Is there another way to get a psp game/demo besides downloading one from the store?

  12. man ? can you tell me what file is inside the the back up game after it patched 🙂 thanks !

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