PSN access finally comes to a end for HENkaku users??

With the use of HENkaku and spoofing, we’re able to use the PlayStation Store on FW3.60. Well today I was finally greeted by the update prompt when trying to access the store and with HENkaku enabled of course and double checked the settings.


At first I thought it was a bad install or maybe it was because I needed to activated the vita but that was never a problem before. So I turn on my PSTV, which is activated and got the same result where I couldn’t access the PlayStation store without it asking me to update the system once again with HENkaku enabled.

Then I asked around and riddle43 said he was getting the same thing and at first he wasn’t, then about 15mins later he finally got greeted by the update prompt when he tried to access the PlayStation store. Even twitter user @thesystem777 this getting the same update prompt when trying to access PSN.

Yifan, warned us this would happen sooner or later with PSN access.

PSN spoofing could break in a couple of days when Sony flips the switch to disable 3.61 access. It only works now because 3.61 uses the same platform token.  

Let us know if you can still access the store as here in the US it look likes we finally lost PSN access but hell, its been awesome having access as long as we did. Hopefully there’s a quick fix for it or maybe a some type of work around but for now you’ll need a PS3 to get access to your Vita games on PSN.

If you have a brand new vita and needs to be activated try Vita-Activator for HENkaku:

Heres how you can activated it with a ps3 here.

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  1. $ONY is making sure they kill the VITA once and for all. Good job I know you don’t want all that money for games that I want to purchase but are never going to be sold on PSN #Sony Greatness is a dream!!!

  2. for anyone who wants to install adrenaline… get qcma and then run it with ur vita, turn flights mode on while ur ps vita is connected to ur pc and then restart ur ps vita, after u restart open content manager and connect to ur pc, disconnect ur vita as soon as u see the transfer menu and connect to ur ps3 and connect using usb while ur ps vita is still in flight mode, download a bunch of psp demos until u find one that u can transfer to ur vita, and then BOOM it should start transferring.
    note: u have to download the demos from the same PS ID u r using on ur vita.

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