E3 2022 is a digital only event once again

E3 has always had a large place in my heart. From being a child dreaming of attending one day to the first year I ever went, and each year after. It is one of the world’s largest gaming expos/conventions for a good reason and provides so much to the world …

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XBOX One/XBOX Series Dev Mode Gone…To Most of You

This story isn’t exactly new, as it has very likely happened to developers out there who ceased making apps or games on the XBOX One and XBOX Series consoles. The rest of you, who have been using the Dev Mode for ways to emulate your legitimate backups, your time has …

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Waifu Discovered 2: Medieval Fantasy – Review

*Note: review may be considered NSFW with a waifu or two. You have been warned* Waifu and shooters. This is an interesting combination. In the old time period of games, there used to be shooter games that were simple. These were also called space shooters for a time period. However, …

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