We find ourselves on the precipice of a gaming & tech evolution. Sony, Google, Microsoft and so on are developing new technology all the time so we are here to review those gadgets to see if they are worth buying and you’re not wasting your cold hard cash.

Samurai Warriors 5 – Review

The legend of Nobunaga Oda has always been talked about in several games based on Japanese lore. However, very few games have very touched on his story. In Samurai Warriors 5, players take the role of this legend and one of his most trusted allies for some time, Mitsuhide Akechi. …

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Game Review: Goosebumps Dead of Night now with “Extreme Mode”

IT’S BACKKKKKKkk! I think you should get into Goosebumps Dead of Night and play new Extreme Mode. Goosebumps: Dead of Night (Cosmic Forces, $29.99) is an all-ages affair based on the hauntings straight from the Goosebumps franchises.  Let’s get spooked, shall we?! Description: ‘In Goosebumps Dead of Night, the best-selling …

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