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The New EmulationStation is here

theming_list There is a new Emulation Station in town. This one has a graphical and themeable emulator front-end that allows you to access all your favorite games in one place, without a keyboard. Just like hyper spin but a lot easier to setupRead more here


Guide to the Retro Pi: 


Do you know a raspberry pi and want to turn it into all in one arcade system then this guide is for you: Read more here

TN-V: Downloads


Total_Noob CEF 6.60 for the psvita.  If you have used TN-V before, you can just go to ‘System update’ and download the newest version directly from your PSVita on our servers. Read more here


Psvita TV: Compatible Game List


This ‘whitelist’ comes directly from Sony and was updated only a few hours ago. Keep in mind when they list a game as (EN) what the actually mean is that the NA region of the game cart works in the system.. Read more here


Adding more PS1 Games to your Vita, than Sony lets you.


There are a lot of great PS1 games available for download directly to the Vita, such as Parasite EVE 1 & 2, Syphon Filter 1,2 & 3, The Final Fantasy’s (most of them I believe,)  Xenogears, Chrono Cross & Chrono Trigger, ect.. but the list is missing some of the best games released for the PS1. Fear not though because as long as you have access to a PS3Read more here

Top 10 PSP/PSVita Emulators & Homebrew


Let’s face it, the PSP/PSVita is an awesome system on it’s own, but one of the reasons many of us flocked to it is to play old video game classics. Emulation software created by talented homebrew developers made this possible do to on your psp/psvita. Read more here











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New PSVita Exploit for 3.15FW coming soon..

KanadeEngel, has announced that he will release a new exploit for firmware 3.15 on August 8th. Now this exploit will not come with a Kexploit (it might be able to load TN-V or ARK later on) it is very similar to the Cubixx exploit which can only execute small code, like a hello world or pong. …

Read more


My dusty PS4 vs FW 1.75

Hello kiddies, yes it’s been awhile, but tonight I am awake with some gastrointestinal discomfort (read explosive diarrhea) and in the midst of my issues my phone alerted me to the fact that PS4 system software 1.75 has dropped. Thanks PS4UpdateBot! So I decided to dust off my PS4, which hasn’t been turned on since …

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