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PS3: TrueAncestor EDAT Rebuilder v1.65 by jjkkyu

TrueAncestor EDAT Rebuilder

Developer jjkkyu released a new update for TrueAncestor EDAT Rebuilder and updates it to 1.65. He fixed a bug were using the add DevKlic options caused the program to crash and added a new function. Here’s the full change list v1.65 1. Add devklic auto-seeking in batch mode. 2. Add pause in …

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Review: PS4 remote play app for the PC by Twisted

ps4 remote play

There has been a lot of controversy about the PS4 remote play app for the PC, but I’m not here to talk about any of that stuff I’m here to review this great app. Twisted was nice enough to let me do an exclusive review so I would just like …

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