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Guide to the Retro Pi: 

Do you know a raspberry pi and want to turn it into all in one arcade system then this guide is for you Read more here


TN-V: Downloads

Total_Noob CEF 6.60 for the psvita.  If you have used TN-V before, you can just go to ‘System update’ and download the newest version directly from your PS Vita on your servers.  Read more here


Psvita TV: Compatible Game List

This ‘whitelist’ comes directly from Sony and was updated only a few hours ago. Keep in mind when they list a game as (EN) what the actually mean is that the NA region of the game cart works in the system, not that there is an English language version available in the Asian markets.  Read more here


Adding more PS1 Classics to your Vita, than Sony lets you.

There are a lot of great PS1 games available for download directly to the Vita, such as Parasite EVE 1 & 2, Syphon Filter 1,2 & 3, The Final Fantasy’s (most of them I believe,)  Xenogears, Chrono Cross & Chrono Trigger, ect.. but the list is missing some of the best games released for the PS1. Fear not though because as long as you have access to a PS3Read more here










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A Chat With Starlight Inception’s Creator Garry Gaber

Hey Vita Fans! Heleius here, and today I bring you a little chat I had with Starlight Inception’s creator, Gary Gaber. Just to throw a little background your way, before forming Escape Hatch Entertainment, he was with LucasArts where he was the project lead and designer of the Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds series. But we …

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PS Vita/VitaTV FW Update 3.XX coming with PS4 1.70

As you may have heard Sony recently announced PS4 firmware 1.70, but what they didn’t tell you is that a new Vita/VitaTV firmware will launch along side it. At this point little is known about what the new Vita firmware has in store for us, other than one little thing. After 6 months of waiting …

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