I've been a gamer ever since Nintendo first came out with their home console. I've always been intrigued by video games and electronics. The first game I beat was super Mario Bros. I'm in my mid 30s but you are never too old to play video games. I can see myself at 80 years of age still playing video games. I'm always reading and catching up on the latest gadgets, hacks and mods. I'm a family man with a wife and three beautiful daughters, life is what you make it, have fun and enjoy it to the last breath!

Talking point: Sony ending discovery content on PSN at the end of 2023

The Sony brand recently shook up the digital industry a week ago by announcing on December 2, 2023 that they will end discovery channel content on their PlayStation store, leaving many subscribers who purchase video content at a loss. This is terrible news for those that purchase content and will …

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How to enjoy MAME on your Windows PC Handheld or Steam Deck!

I’m sure many of us grew up in the 80s and 90s were Arcade games was very popular. Classics like the Simpson’s, Turtles, X-Men, Wrestle fest and Mortal Kombat had gamers spending all of their Quarters after school. So Wouldn’t it be nice to play these games again on you …

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How to setup Playnite Library Launcher with PCSX2 and have specific configs for each title!

I always enjoyed Playing PS2 games on my PC using the emulator PCXS2! Just Being able to pump up the resolution all the way up to 4k (depending on your system specs) is definitely a game changer and gives your PS2 games a much sharper and smoother look!     …

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The end of 3ds and Wii U titles on Eshop will be coming to an end Soon!

Come next year , Nintendo is about to do the “thanos snap” to thousands of Wii U and 3ds content from the eshop! That’s right Nintendo is doing it again! If you don’t recall, The big “N” did the same thing to the Wii eshop when it closed down in January …

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Things to do with a Jailbroken PS4 on FW 9.0?

This month has been very exciting for the hacking scene as the PS4 has been successfully exploited on firmware 9.0! This jailbreak is not like the others before it and requires a USB to trigger the exploit (more on that here) The jailbreak, which is code name “P00b54” was released …

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Hidden Sega Saturn emulator inside Nintendo Switch Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute!

Game developer city connection has just released cotton Guardian Saturn tribute for the Nintendo Switch that also includes Cotton boomerang and guardian force on the same cartridge. But what’s great about this release is that it also includes a hidden full-fledge Sega Saturn emulator! This spectacular discovery was discovered by …

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New PS4 kernel exploit disclosed, that could work up to FW8.00!!

We just received news about another PS4 exploit that was disclosed by ps vita scene developer Thefl0w0! The PS4 scene has been moving very slow the past few years with public Kexploits, the most recent Kexploit is at FW7.02. The flow has just disclosed another Kexploit that could work all the …

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The Original Playstation 1 gets the optical drive emulator treatment!

It seems that every retro console wih a optical drive is getting into the ODE game – Optical Drive Emulator! The first Console to have this addition was the Sega Dreamcast (gdmenu) , which allows you to play your games running from a micro sd card and replaces the optical …

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Making your Retro Consoles look good with the Retrotink pro2x!

There have been lots of old school enthusiasts who have tried to get the best image out of their favorite old school consoles while playing on their modern TV, and there are others who are just die-hard crt fans and will frown on playing their old school systems on a …

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