PSVita: Psvimgtools 1.7.2 updated to extract PKG to NoNpDrm & much more

It’s been a while since PSVimgtools has been updated but GuidoGhidini has been working on a few updates to this latest version of PSVIMGTOOL. Most updates to these tools are not always the biggest or they are just to clean it up a little, the last big update GuidoGhidini did to the tools was add the ability to add custom themes with ease for FW 3.65 & down.

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This time he has added quite a few new options to PSVimgtools to make everything a little bit easier, so let’s take a look at the changelog below.

Changelog 1.7.2

  • Added ability to extraction of pkg to NoNpDrm
  • Added ability to List the Title_ID of pkg that are in the PKG folder
  • Added ability to Extract pkg with DRM, zRIF needs to be added in ListKey.txt together with Title_ID
  • Added ability to Extract pkg with DRM-free
    In the PKG folder, you have a list of suggestions for downloading from the Zeus list, with the zRIF already added to the ListKey.txt file
    You need the NoNpDrm plugin in your vita

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  1. Is this for henkaku 3.60 only?

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