PSVita: My surprise for 3.50FW and down..

On twitter and in a few of my articles, I told everyone I had a surprise for 3.50fw users. Well I tested it and made sure it will work with qwikrazor87 new bubble trick. I did not run across any issue with the TN-V bubble.(That’s my surprise once everything is released and its only for 3.50fw.)psvita new bubbles copy

Now a lot of you may ask why not 3.52 and lower, well in my opinion the days of TN-V are over. Especially since we can’t write to the game folder without using the EML trick, so you will be better off using ARK2 and the ONEMenu. You could use the ONEMenu on TN-V, but in my opinion that defeats the purpose of using TN-V and having the XMB menu.psvtia xmb copy

Ark2 can also run game plugins, so you really are not missing out on thing. I will say this again DO NOT update your PSVita, if you are on 3.50, 3.51fw stay there and enjoy both epsp cfw and rejuvenate. If you are on 3.52fw DO NOT update, once PlayStation releases new firmware these new bubbles may not work beyond 3.52.

Let’s talk a little bit about my experience with all threes bubbles TN-V, ARK2, & VHBL. For homebrew and emulators, I like to use VHBL as it seem to run some emulators very smooth. Now for TN-V or ARK2, I really didn’t once a difference with ISO’s, homebrew, and emulators. The only advantage with using TN-V is some PS1 games will have sound, it may not have the best sound or some games will have too much lag, but some work just fine like Mega Man X6. Once again if you are on 3.50fw or higher you will not be able to write to the game folder and place PS1 games in it. So you will have to use the ONEMenu to install them to the VHBL folder in MS0: just like with Ape Escape exploit as you can read about that in this older article here.

Just to make this clear for everyone my TN-V bubble WILL ONLY WORK ON 3.50FW & LOWER. I will say this again DO NOT update the PSVita, if you are on 3.50fw stay there and same thing for 3.51 or 3.52fw.

In the end it’s really up to qwikrazor87 if he wants to port TN-V over to this new Kexploit for all firmware’s.

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  1. this is great news

  2. Interesting. You can run epsp on 3.51? I thought this required a PSN game that’s no longer available. Doesn’t it also require a tethered USB connection to your PC?

  3. Dude, you’re forgetting the one big advantage for TNV: PSP savestates! This is the reason I never converted all of my PSP games to bubbles in 3.18.

  4. Hey, man. A guy named Rinnengatamente created a plugin for TN-V that allows you to run PSXgames and Homebrews located near the root.

    It’s pretty simple:
    You put your games on [root]/PSX/ and in [root]/HB/ and the plugin detects them and executes them for you. No EML trick or stange things like those. Just copying and pasting in a different path.

  5. Batman arkham … For psp?

  6. Yeah, TN-V will unlikely be ported over to 3.52 since it is already buggy on 3.5X F’S.

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