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PSP: Davee’s Infinity Firmware project in detail

Yesterday, Davee, the creator of the latest major exploit/hack release for the PlayStation Portable, published an explanational article to his hybrid firmware project on his blog. 6.61 Infinity – An explanation — Davee (@DaveeFTW) September 24, 2017 After more than a year since Infinity’s initial release, Davee now invites us …

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Vita: Major Adrenaline eCFW update now available!

Just now Developer TheFloW released the promised new version of his popular eCFW that can work without any activation. This Update will be the first one that will come in a Homebrew.VPK format! Not only will this release no longer require your Vita to be activated and have a PSP …

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Vita: News about YifanLu’s psvsd project

After several months since its proof of concept, the first psvsd adapters not made by YifanLu himself are available on the internet! What the hell are you talking about? Okay okay, let’s start at the beginning: Before the whole SD2Vita hype that is going on currently, YifanLu himself started an …

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Vita: MLTactivator for offline activating on Firmware 3.60

Since PSN access and more importantly the ability to activate your PlayStation Vita is gone (as we reported last week), people are more or less out of luck to run anything on their deactivated devices. Now yesterday there was an interesting release on the popular spanish forum The homebrew …

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RetroGaming: EverDrive-GB X series announced by KRIKzz

The Everdrive cards from KRIKzz are known to be the best of the best when it comes to Retro flashcards and after the big Everdrive GBA release last year, krikzz is back with some exciting news for all you portable retro freaks like me out there! #EverDrive-GB X series approaching! …

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The prizes regarding our Custom Vita/PSTV Theme Contest just got a big upgrade thanks to Nzaki0716

Hey there everyone! If you haven’t heard by now, we have an (another) custom theme contest for the Vita/PlayStationTV going on for quite some time now.. and already some pretty awesome themes entered in the release thread right here: The reason of this post isn’t just a friendly reminder that …

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PS4: New Webkit Exploit PoC for FW 4.0x and below

Just a couple hours ago well-known iOS Jailbreaker @qwertyoruiop released a new Webkit Exploit PoC for the PS4! This one is supposed to work for firmware 4.0x and below only since Sony updated to WebKit core for all newer firmware. < ps4 4.0x WebKit RCE — qwertyoruiop (@qwertyoruiopz) March …

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