PS4: Backup loading and Homebrew finally possible!

Sounds too good to be true right? But as it seems it’s finally happening.. HOWEVER once again and for now it’s only for Firmware 1.76 owners only!

PS4 Backup loadingLast week Zecoxao released a payload for 1.76 owners to run any PS4 game backup that doesn’t require a higher firmware to start. For those of you following on twitter that might have seen similar tweets before; This time no test kits were used and after 2 years since the first native code execution on a retail console we finally have what everyone wants. A public release enabling piracy…

Of course the infamous pulled Silent Hills Demo is once again in action as you can see from GNFerreira ‘s video on youtube below.

But whats even better in our opinion is Homebrew! Yes, so let’s see what comes out of this in a few months down the road!

So much for the teasing tweets…

Now, of course, this is no user-friendly release and due to the fact that there are not THAT many FW1.76 PS4 owners anymore + there’s not many games running under this quite low firmware, it’s rather a PoC still. Piracy was and still is the biggest topic when it comes to hacking a Home Console and it can be its doom or delight.

As we see it, this release won’t hurt Sony much but rather attract new people to the scene thanks to Zecoxao showing people that they are still alive and working on the PS4. Just like with the Vita and PS3 there is the ‘golden firmware‘ to be on: For the PS4 this firmware still is 1.76 and for everyone wanting to get their hands on one prepare yourself to pay some crazy prices on eBay!

PS4 Backup loading

While the method used for this might even work on the latest firmware, other hacks (some people might call it jailbreak) are needed to make it work first. So all we can do is hope for some brave hacker with the courage to publicly release something for a more recent firmware to find out.

So for everyone out there still hoping for a custom firmware you can see: Progress is made and everything is still moving in the right direction. Slowly but steady!


We will keep you informed…

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  1. That’s awesome thanks for sharing.

  2. nice work zecoxao… now you just have to move the payload to 4.xx fw. and create a backup manager to simplify the procedure to make it more user friendly noobs users.
    sorry for my bad English.

  3. kexploit probably leaked after a major update. Now if someone has released kexploit it would spoil the list of applications and games signed with the keys of the next update. What will be the benefit later will be greater. Sony still has a gap, but it does not quite know what to patch and that’s good.