Vita: Major Adrenaline eCFW update now available!

Just now Developer TheFloW released the promised new version of his popular eCFW that can work without any activation.


This Update will be the first one that will come in a Homebrew.VPK format! Not only will this release no longer require your Vita to be activated and have a PSP base-game installed but additionally the process of installing is a lot easier. The Adrenaline EasyInstaller will no longer be needed but instead, all you need to do is install the vpk like any other.


Changelog v6

  • Redesigned boot process. Adrenaline does now not require any basegame or activation anymore.

  • Added ‘uma0:’ to ‘Memory Stick Location’.

  • Added support for longer ISO filenames.

  • Fixed Memory Stick free space integer overflow in games like Outrun.

  • Fixed bug where ISO games did not show up when the folder ‘PSP/GAME’ was missing.

  • Improved core and fixed some small bugs.


You can get the new Version on TheFloW’s github page: Download here

(If you have been using a previous Adrenaline, please uninstall it before using Adrenaline 6 or higher. For 6.61 Adrenaline-4 or higher, you can use the ‘System Update’ in the XMB to update Adrenaline to the latest version.)


  • Fixed bug where CSO games froze up the system.

Download: Adrenaline.vpk

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