Moin! Occasional programmer, number 2 here at & creator of the PlayStationGuide. I mainly talk about console-hacking related stuff..

Decrypting Vita Backups to bring neat tricks to all firmwares!

After the announcement that the Vita’s f00d processor was officially hacked by xyz last week, today yifanlu released a pack of tools which allow us to decrypt Backup files and further allow some neat tricks on older and even newer firmware! The technical part (a very short version) After xyz …

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Hackinformer and the GekiHEN Homebrew Contest

Hello there folks! As most of our staff is busy with informing you all about the newest tech being presented at CES, I found my way back to news reporting and doing something I generally don’t like or do; reporting about my own work.. Of course this could be a …

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Homebrew Release: RegistryEditor v1.0 for Vita & PSTV

Someone named Some1 (sorry I couldn’t resist) just released a neat little but powerful registry editor homebrew for use with HENkaku. Simple app that allows you to read and edit all registry settings in an organized manner. UI heavily based on The FloW’s VitaShell. So basically with this Homebrew you …

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Why you should always be careful when selling your devices! Example: PS Vita

Recently I bought a used PS Vita from eBay, after receiving and thinking about some security issues, I decided to write about it. Not only for educational purposes, it’s just to inform about the risks but because it’s highly interesting from a hackers perspective what information one can obtain from …

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New Webkit Exploit for PS4 & PSVita incoming???

Within the last few days, more and more info has gone public about a possible new WebKit exploit that could work for the latest PS4 firmware. Trusted developer @qwertyoruiop known for his work in the iPhone Jailbreak scene, seems to be working on a use-after-free Webkit exploit that should be compatible …

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