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Kansas City Comic Con!

The last time I attended a local convention here in the Midwest, I did more of a review of it. I thought it might be a good idea to pit it against the others that I had been to. The thinking behind this was to inform anyone that is in …

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fail0verflow releases info on PS4 Kernel Exploit: Adieu

If you’ve been following the PS4 scene lately you’ll notice that there’s been some new development that’s been shared. Like developer ‘flat z’ showing us the Debug Settings menu on firmware 4.55. Next developer qwertyoruiopz shows that he has a new kernel exploit for FW5.0 and with his skills and knowledge, there’s no …

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Custom & Repacked PKG Installation on 4.55FW Retail PS4

Today, developer ‘flat z’ took to YouTube to show off his most recent discovery. Down below he shows off how to launch the *Debug Settings menu. You’ll then have access to the package installer. I decided to add his description from the original video that we have posted below so …

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