Vita: News about YifanLu’s psvsd project

After several months since its proof of concept, the first psvsd adapters not made by YifanLu himself are available on the internet!

What the hell are you talking about?

Okay okay, let’s start at the beginning: Before the whole SD2Vita hype that is going on currently, YifanLu himself started an indiegogo campaign regarding a custom board that you can simply switch out with the Fat Vita’s 3G adapter. Said board would have a Micro SD card slot on it and you can use any SD card on your HENkaku enabled Vita to never need to use any proprietary Sony memory cards ever again!

Of course, this is for Vita 1000 with 3G only BUT its the best you can currently get since it will not block your GameCard Slot like with SD2Vita for example.

You can read up on everything here:

Now the one and only problem with these boards was that the ‘small stock of a couple hundred’  yifan made was sold out within hours and a lot of people didn’t have a chance to get their hands on one.. until now.


Unofficial psvsd v2.1 boards

(psvsd adapters surfaced on

Now as no one tested these before, take this article as a fair warning. These are no ‘official’ adapters, they do not feature Team Molecue’s logo obviously and are on sale for about $10 currently. BUT we can say for sure they are based on Yifan’s design as he open-sourced the whole project. So at least technically they should work! However, just like the cheap SD2Vita adapters we already talked about, these might or might not work due to their quality.

Also since these adapters are limited to a small Vita owner base they, of course, are not as popular and easy-to-use as the SD2Vita ones. That’s why its quite interesting someone decided to make them anyway.

So in case, you missed out on YifanLu’s and you still want one this is your best option currently!

To the deal: Deal no longer available. Check out the HackInformer SD2VITA PLUS Adapters.


If you decided to get one please consider posting your experience in the comments! Thanks

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  1. I missed out on Indiegogo, but I *did* get selected via yifan lu’s lottery. I paid $60 for my adapter, but IMO it was totally worth it. Still, very nice that we’re finally seeing these being mass produced! I was wanting to produce some myself, but haven’t had time to figure out how to go about it.

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