The prizes regarding our Custom Vita/PSTV Theme Contest just got a big upgrade thanks to Nzaki0716

Hey there everyone!

If you haven’t heard by now, we have an (another) custom theme contest for the Vita/PlayStationTV going on for quite some time now.. and already some pretty awesome themes entered in the release thread right here:

The reason of this post isn’t just a friendly reminder that the contest will end this week already, May the 31st, 2017! No..

We are happy to announce that the initial prices are almost DOUBLED thanks to the always generous @Nzaki0716 who threw in a total of $100 additional dollars for the contest!!!

We hope this will be enough reason for everyone to maybe start a new project this weekend or weekend and have some more awesome creations entered.

Here are some previews to new and already entered themes:

And here are the updated prices!

First place winner will receive a U.S. $80 PSN card.

Second place winner will receive a U.S. $50 PSN card.

Third place winner will receive a U.S. $30 PSN card.

Fourth place winner will receive a U.S. $10.00 PSN card.

Fifth place winner will receive a U.S. $3.00 PSN card.


So go ahead as there are still some days left to enter and remember you can even have three themes entered to triple your chance to win! Of course, as long as they haven’t been entered in any contest before! Enter now!

Now it would be unfair to simply extend the time to enter that close to the deadline unless you think we should give everyone an extra week to enter theirs in. Let us know in the comments below. If not then it will still end on May the 31st, 2017

Good luck to everyone and make sure to come back next month to leave your vote too!

Thanks for your time 🙂

~ Team Hackinformer

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