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PSVita: PKGj gets updated & now adds PSP support!!!

Developer Blastrock have pushed out another update to his pkgj app for the PSVita and PSTV, Now bumped up to v0.14. This update adds the much-requested PSP packages, which I thought was the missing link to the application! This update also brings more downloads, such as TSV support, and DLC …

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How to install the Whitelist Hack on the PSTV with any Firmware!

Every time there’s a new firmware release we always get asked if the PlayStation TV aka PSTV  whitelist hack still works if you update it or start fresh. It has been known that the PSTV has incompatibility issues with certain games that were playable on the PSVita but not accessible …

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Cross Connection for Vita Updated to 1.03!

I feel like Vita homebrew developer theheroGAC just doesn’t quit. If there is anyone helping keep the Vita scene alive, he’s definitely one of them. Yesterday he dropped another stable update to his Cross-Connection app for the Vita. So what does Cross-Connection do for the Vita? How does it help …

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Review of Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion for PS4

Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion (YummyYummyTummy, $19.99) was pretty well received on the PS Vita (and that’s saying something) back mid-summer 2017. Today we’re looking at the title through new eyes since it has also been brought over to the PlayStation 4. Does it have what it takes to look …

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TubeVita (previously ReTube) Version 1.02 Out Now

That’s right, today we have for you an update to the previously titled ReTube. What the project is, is a rebirth of YouTube for the PlayStation Vita. The app has undergone a name change since its inception, as well as some other upgrades, now it’s called TubeVita. What does the …

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PSTV Plugin FakeCamera v1.1 Released, Instructions Inside


The ultra-popular plugin DSMotion by OperationNT414C made it possible to be able to play certain games on the PlayStation TV that could only be playable on a touchscreen/touchpanel enabled PlayStation Vita. Now that very same developer is back with another update to a plugin that is sure to be just as …

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PSVita: Psvimgtools 1.7.2 updated to extract PKG to NoNpDrm & much more

It’s been a while since PSVimgtools has been updated but GuidoGhidini has been working on a few updates to this latest version of PSVIMGTOOL. Most updates to these tools are not always the biggest or they are just to clean it up a little, the last big update GuidoGhidini did to the …

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