PS Vita : FIFA 18 MOD (Final) is here!

Hello! Remember modder @jesus_sdiaz? He released different mods for the FIFA on PS Vita, like FIFA 17, and a previous version of FIFA 18.

Well, he decided to release yet another one! In this case the final version of this MOD, and the last one too (😭😭)..  I talked with him about this and what was the main reason for leaving this project. Well one reason why is he said he doesn’t get much support and people always criticize the mods, so he’s simply tired of it. I understand him and its sad as his FIFA (17 & 18) mods are really great and make the game even better than the “real” FIFA.

So, let’s talk about this version, the improvements are:

  • Italian Serie B FULL licensed (with minikits and kits)
  • Brasileirao FULL licensed (real players, kits, minikits)
  • A-League replaced by Chinese Super League
  • Virtual Pro Mode fixed
  • All transfers, kits, promotions, relegations up to date.
  • And More..



  • PS VITA or VITA TV on 3.60
  • Henkaku / Enso installed.
  • MaiDump tool installed.
  • At least 3.2 GB of free space.

How to Install?

  1. First if you have a previous version delete it!
  2. You can get the game I on the net. Google is your friend.
  3. Decompress the folder, and copy into mai’s folder on PS VITA. Copy this folder and replace into the FIFA’s folder.
  4. Install via maidump tool.
  5. Just play!

Don’t expect more updates, career mode, tournament mode and virtual pro mode are working, everything was previous tested. It’s sad that he did not receive any support, other than criticizing and putting it down. This type of work, is are hard to implement (MODS are created for PC), for example, he designed all the Series B kits and minikits that way.

In my case, I want to give thanks to Jesus Diaz for all this time, for this awesome game. Even if it’s better than EA “real” game, its sad that he had to leave this project but we see these type of things all the time, when it comes to small little projects either they click with the public or not.

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