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Is VR gimmick or future of gaming??

I haven’t seen so many companies release similar products since the old days of multiple console releases/Gaming Crash of 1983. This is generally considered a good and bad thing for the consumer. It’s great to have competition but it’s bad when you invest your product selection and it bites the …

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Defend Your Crypt is in Steam Greenlight

Last week, Ratalaika Games launched the Steam Greenlight page for their upcoming game Defend Your Crypt. In a puzzle-strategy game Defend Your Crypt players take control of a pharaoh to protect his gold from grave robbers using various traps. You can support the game by upvoting it on Steam Greenlight. The list of game’s …

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The Culling: A New Edition In The Battle Royale Genre

The Culling, which is an under the radar battle-royale survival game from indie developer Xaviant is essentially Hunger Games, the game. The Culling is a 16 player fight to the death situation where one player emerges victorious at the end of it all. The games description details, “as a contestant …

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