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Time Capsule of the Internet

We’ve come a long way with the internet, languages evolved, techniques evolved, and style evolved. You know how most pages look nowadays and it’s something pretty normal for us. But there are some websites, created back in the day, that are somehow still working, almost like a time capsule of …

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Street Fighter V sales and more from Capcom

Latest installment of Capcom’s Street Fighter series didn’t sell as well as the company had predicted. Capcom also shared some data and the future plans in the annual earnings report. The case of Street Fighter V Street Fighter V, released exclusively to PC and PS4 in February,  didn’t start its lifespan …

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Review of Corpse Party for PC

First, people will most likely know this game from the PSP, PSVita or 3DS but this isn’t a remake of the PSP, Vita or 3DS version: Corpse Party Blood Covered – Repeated Fear but a remake of Corpse Party: Rebuild which in itself is a remake of the original NEC PC-98 …

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8BitDo’s Retro Wireless Controllers – Connecting So Many Platforms!

As gaming peripherals have always existed since gaming, great peripherals have endured the decades of demands from many gamers; that the controllers simply work the most important feature above all else, even regardless of style. However, that doesn’t mean that there haven’t been attempts to combine gaming aesthetic and function – …

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