Vita3k – A Experimental PSVita Emulator for Windows and macOS

After all the questions when it would finally happen, it finally surfaced. The first REAL PSVita Emulator. Many times before you would find scammy sites showing PSVita Emulators for PC or Smartphones but this time it is a real one.

Their Website is still work-in-progress for now (It only shows hello world for now :P) but you can bookmark it for when it will get created at a later point 🙂

The Emulator is currently still very experimental but can already run some Homebrew Applications like vitaQuake Rinnegatamante or VitaTester by Smoke but is unable to run any commercial Games for now.

To use the Emulator you currently need to compile it yourself but I bet this will change pretty soon as more work will hopefully get done to it and compatibility improves. I hope that this will evolve as great as PPSSPP over time and that we may see the first commercial Game being booted with this Emulator. I’d think of something like the leaked copy of Adventure Time since it doesn’t have any DRM and it’s plaintext. Maybe it will also work like that for now 😉

If you would like to support the Project by donating some money to the Team you can do so via their Patreon Page.
To take a look at the Emulators Source Code and be able to compile it yourself you can find the Github Archive here.

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