Review: HideIt Mounts for Consoles

Recently, we’ve been evaluating video game console mounts. These come from the idea that you should save some shelf space or remove shelves entirely and just keep your consoles/accessories on the wall! It’s a crazy concept I know, but if executed correctly, you should have a beautiful configuration in your gaming space. So today we’ll be discussing some mounts from the HideIt company. Are they affordable? Is the installation easy? Are they durable? All of these will be answered and more. Let’s do it!

Descriptions for the PS4, XBOX One S, and Headset Mounts:

  • PS4: Sony pulled out all the stops with the incredibly stylish PS4. Our PS4 wall mount is seek and compact to compliment its stunning design. Thanks to the 16-gauge Steel lip that fits into the center groove, the HIDEit 4 is a secure wall mount storage solution that will create the illusion that your PS4 is floating! Available in Black and White, it’s the Best-Selling PS4 Mounting Bracket on the market. Stand your PS4 vertical in our mount (which improves ventilation), keep it safe from accidents AND create your dream gaming setup! 
  • XBOX One S: The Xbox One S was made for either vertical or horizontal orientation, so wall mount, under desk mount, or VESA mount your Xbox One S to HIDEit or DISPLAYit! With the X1S Mount, you see less of the mount and more of the console thanks to our sleek, form-fitting design. Wrap design secures Xbox One S in place, tab prevents sliding, and countersunk holes ensure a flush mount installation. The HIDEit Xbox One S Wall Mount does not block ventilation, helping your Xbox stay cool. Keep your Xbox safe from accidental damage, save space, and organize your game setup! What kind of setup will you create? Be sure to share your #afterHIDEit with us!
  • Universal Headset: At HIDEit Mounts, we have your media room organization and storage covered with our wall mounts. With our Uni-H, you can wall mount anything from your heavy duty VR headset to a simple pair of headphones. With the provided 25lbs rated drywall anchors you can feel confident that your headset isn’t going anywhere! Take advantage of unused wall space + keep your headset safe from small hands and paws by mounting them out of the way of danger. ‘


Features for the PS4, XBOX One S, and Headset Mounts:

 ‘Openings allow full access to power port, digital out port, and all vents.
 PS4 slides down into shelf while lip keeps PS4 firmly in place.
 Position for disk access on right or left side. 
 Made in the USA from Recycled & Imported Steel.
 Powder coat finish protects PS4 from scratches.
 Quick and easy to install. No measuring, no templates.

• VESA Compatible: 100mm (M4) & 200mm (M4/M6) 
• Easy access to power button, output jacks, and cables.
• Cold-rolled 16-gauge Steel for superior strength.
• Powder coat finish protects from scratches.
• Made in the USA from Recycled & Imported Steel.
• Quick and easy to assemble and install. No measuring, no templates.

• Universal Design fits nearly every headset model.
• Cold-rolled 16-gauge Steel for superior strength.
• Made in the USA from Recycled & Imported Steel
• Quick and easy to install. No measuring, no templates.
• Includes drywall screws and anchors. Stud mounting optional.’

Unboxing Video:

Variety & Affordability:

There are loads of products that the HideIt company specializes in. Not just video game systems or even the systems and accessories. You can shop their site for mounts for cable and satellite set-top boxes. You can also find that they have several mounts for various streaming boxes too! But man, I’d be lying if I said that that’s all that they had to offer. They also have a vast array of universal computer mounts. And it doesn’t stop there either! They take it even further for mounts for security setups as well. It’s just mind-boggling all of the options that they have. It’s very clear that if you wanted to, you could essentially have every electronic in your living and bedrooms mounted.

With regards to the cost of these mounts, I had previously used a table for another mount review, I’ll reference a bit of that here. Be aware, as I said, HideIt usually has sales. So don’t let these prices discourage you. If you have a desire to pick up a HideIt, act now while they’re on sale (at the time of this writing).

Gaming/Studio Headset:

Floating Grip-$N/A

HideIt Mounts-$14.99

Forza Design-$N/A

PlayStation 4:

Floating Grip-$24.99

HideIt Mounts-$34.99

Forza Design-$37.99


Floating Grip-$24.99

HideIt Mounts-$44.99

Forza Design-$36.99

Durability & Craftmanship:

They don’t get scratched up easily at all. I was most afraid of this when I was handling my white XBOX One S mount. But they’re all definitely scratch resistant. A lot of what you need to know about these products in terms of durability can be found in the features listed above. They are not telling any lies here, that’s for sure! They mentioned that the products are made from cold-rolled 16-gauge steel. That increases the overall strength of the product. In fact, that may very well be overkill, but if they want to go above and beyond for us, I’ll take it. The surfaces of the HideIt mounts are dowsed in powder coat finish to protect against the previously mentioned scratches. I think if you intentionally take a tool to the paint to create scratches, you’ll achieve them, but not with normal usage of the product. It’s a truly beautiful sight to see a product continue to look like you just bought it. And lastly, they use steel from all over the place. Whether it’s imported steel or recycled, they use 100% steel to make these mounts. And they’re all made right here in the US if any of you were wondering.

As far as the craftsmanship is concerned, it’s out of this world. All of the disc drives on your systems are completely accessible. There are port openings so that you can still plug in everything that you need to. And you still maintain access to the power and eject buttons on most, if not all, video game systems that they make mounts for. The exclusion to that is if you mount your system so deep behind a giant HDTV that you can’t reach it. The idea here is that you mount them along the backside of the TV, behind the bezel. To conclude, they even go out of their way to make certain that issues that plague other products stay out of their own. I’ve seen painted products where the paint completely fills in screw holes, they avoided that entirely. Or sometimes screw holes are slightly too big or too small. This amounts to you not being able to use said product at all or having to use washers. These guys have their measurements down to the precise size and there is no issue. I can’t speak enough about how glamorous these mounts are. The funny thing is that you’re supposed to hide them away, but they’re so pretty, I kind of didn’t want to!


The thought behind the HideIt products, as you saw in the commercial, is not just mounting. It comes with the idea that you may be able to easily hide it behind your TV. It’s a brilliant thought, and most people should be able to do that. If you can do that, you absolutely should because nobody would ever assume that you’re addicted to video games. However, if you know that that would never work for your set up, never fear. Why? Well, because even if mounting it to the sides or above a TV is something you need to do, you can do that as well. My thought was that I could hide them all behind my shelving units. This means I can use more of my shelves for games or nerd paraphernalia.

Here are the outright instructions:

Step 1: Determine Mount Location

Level and mark holes

Remove discs from device

Test remote/controllers

Leave room for cords

Step 2: Stud vs No Stud Prep

Drywall Mount-drill pilot holes using 3/16″ drill bit, insert drywall anchors

Use damp paper towel to catch debris

No drill? Use screw to create pilot hole.

Stud Mount-do not create pilot holes

Step 3: Complete Install

Attach with provided screws

Insert devices and connect cords.

I chose to leave the cords out of the picture for simplicity’s sake.

As you can see, it mentions three steps, but it’s truly more than that. The amount of steps don’t matter of course, whether they tout it as three or not. The reason that they don’t matter is because, by the grace of God, their site has video instructions to watch. That to me is far more useful than a card on a note in the packaging. Now, to many of you, you probably don’t need any instructions. But for those of us out there that are new to low-level construction, having supplied instructions and video instructions is great. The more humorous thing to me is that one the paper instructions they say “3 Easy Steps!” and on their video it says “5 Easy Steps!”. Listen people, it’s the same steps! Just watch the video and do as they do. It’s great and easy overall and the quantity of steps do not matter.

Continuing on, it’s probably worth bringing up if the installation processes were easy to me. Let’s talk about the three separate mounts that HideIt sent me. They were very clearly three different difficulty levels too. For example, the headset mount was incredibly easy. You simply do the instructions as above, but you can take some serious short cuts. It only has 2 screws, which means you don’t have to worry about making a ton of holes. Since headsets are so light, there is really no need whatsoever to mount it into a stud, any section of drywall will do. I, of course, went the road less traveled. Instead of using the provided screws, I used some slightly shorter ones that I already had and mounted the headset mount on my desk. I use my studio headphones a lot and never use gaming headphones since I have surround sound and my Kinect/PS4 camera pick up my speech. So, nevertheless, the product still works as advertised!

The mount for the original PS4 is slightly more complicated. You’ll have to worry about the cords a little bit, but if you’re hiding it behind your TV, you won’t. The iteration of PS4 mount that they sent me also has 2 controller mounts. These are identically as easy as the headset mount, so you can breathe a sigh of relief there. With the primary mount, there are only 2 screws to sink into the wall. So do the drywall mount steps and you should be fine. Finding a stud didn’t seem to matter with only 2 screws. Your results may vary, but I found that as long as it was level, the weight was evenly distributed well enough over the 2 drywall anchors.

And then there was the XBOX One S mount that I was sent. It too came with 2 controller mounts. Just like the PS4 controller mounts, they were color matched to the primary mount, which was a nice little treat. They also install as easy as the other controller mounts. Now this one is a full sized bracket. What I mean by that is that it matches the full size of your XBOX One S in terms of length. The original PS4 mount holds it on its lower half only, but seems to do the trick. Now, since the XBOX One S mount is much larger, it requires different screw types. In the bag of screws you’ll see the standard length screws for sinking deeper into the wall. There are also a couple of different other sizes. There are the standard sized screws that you find in most of HideIt mount setups. These are used to get your item into the wall. But there are also Vesa compatible screws with this one. That simply means that if you’d like to mount it to the back of your HDTV instead through its screw holes, you can.

To finish up, there are 8 total screw holes. You don’t use all of them for the wall or the TV. You follow the standard instructions for the drywall anchors, it may be useful here to find a stud, I did not do that, but these consoles are heavy. For the HDTV mounting, there is a small sheet of paper in with the mount that tells you which screws to use and where. Mine mentions an M3 screw on the legend but then on the diagram shows nowhere to put the M3, nor does it give me an M3 screw. My guess is that you can ignore the picture of the M3 altogether. Otherwise, this mount is too easy of an installation, especially on the HDTV. Don’t let the larger size scare you off, it’s just as easy as their other products.

Overall Thoughts:

The variety is great across the board. In fact, I’m not even certain that there is another company that makes mounts that are so varied and customizable. Their site has mounts that can adjust to being a unique size if you have an item you want to be mounted and it wasn’t any of the aforementioned devices! And the installation was incredibly easy overall, I went into this thinking that since they’re large, metal braces that surely the whole process would involve more. Well, lucky for me because that just was not true.

These things are beautifully constructed and I’m sure will stand the test of time as well. The other great thing is that if you were to buy one and got a specialty color of video game console, you could customize it. If you wanted to strip the paint off of these and coat it you’re own paint and they would still hold up. Now, what I will say here is that I wouldn’t really recommend it. The paint on these devices is absolutely wonderful. It’s soft and doesn’t seem to have any way to scratch or scuff your console when sliding it into the mount. Color me impressed!

I think that the price is right for these as well. While they retail in the mid $30 range, I don’t think I’ve ever seen them not on sale for the mid $20 range. Now, that’s where your flimsier plastic mounts hang out at in terms of pricing. I’m telling you, if you want an affordable mount that will last just as long as the console itself, maybe longer, this is the mount for you. I don’t ever sing as many praises for products as I have for this one. I just could not find anything to hate about it!

And one final thought here that is some very tasty icing on the cake, accesibility. One thing that never struck me as being an added bonus to HideIt mounts would be having cords reach their actual destinations. For example, if you were one of the unlucky ones who bought HDMI cords back when they were new and expensive, you most likely bought shorter ones. This kept the cost down for you, but ultimately caused some minor frustrations back home. Well now, since you’re mounting your consoles just behind the TV, even a 1 foot cord seems luxorious! The same holds true here when trying to not be too far away from a wall’s power outlet. No matter what your cord scenario is, no matter which mount you buy from whom, cord management is always up to you.

I chose to leave the cords out of the picture for simplicity’s sake.

Interested in these HideIt Wall Mounts? Click here!

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