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VitaShell Updated to 1.81!

So renowned Vita app developer TheFloW announced he was jumping back into the ring again this week. This man has really honed the craft of making the perfect app for the system if you’re on HENkaku, taiHENkaku, or the more permanent Enso. Today he’s released the most up to date version …

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PSVita: New FIFA 18 Mod released

A few days ago modder @jesus_sdiaz released a new version of FIFA MOD, this time it’s 2018. Now this isn’t this final release and he’s said he will be working on some new improvements, for example, some classic teams and adding the relegated and promoted teams. This mod pack works like an …

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PSVita: More details about the custom PS1 bubbles

VitaShell developer TheFlow just posted more info about his method to create PS1 bubbles. The custom PSone bubble demonstration. pic.twitter.com/tjgaVVPNEx — TheFloW (@theflow0) March 8, 2016 In total we had 2 different ways of creating custom ePSP bubbles already and this method for creating PS1 bubbles uses the very same trick …

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