PSVita: New FIFA 18 Mod released

A few days ago modder @jesus_sdiaz released a new version of FIFA MOD, this time it’s 2018. Now this isn’t this final release and he’s said he will be working on some new improvements, for example, some classic teams and adding the relegated and promoted teams.


This mod pack works like an auto-extract program and you will download an EXE file as some people were having problems with the older extraction versions of the mod packs.

The mod pack comes with :

Mod kits for 2017 & 2018 season.
Summer’s transfers.

The requirements to use it are:

  • PS VITA / PSTV  with FW3.60
  • Henkaku or Enso

You can install the mod pack by using VitaShell 1.62, you can find the mod pack here. Mods like this are difficult and time-consuming and he does what he can to improve the game, and if you like to donate to him you can here (Just keep in mind that EA won’t release this game for PSVITA or at least some DLC seasons).

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  1. how do you install this mod?

  2. You can use miadump or Vitashell

  3. Hey man, it says:

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