PSVita: The Flow shares a little more info on this PS1 loader

Today the Flow has shared a little more info on the PS1 loader and what we have to do to get it big files working.

In the tweet above you can see that he talks about having to split the files that are bigger than 256kb. Most of you might not know this but the other PS1 exploit had the same problem, you know the one total noob showed everyone with no release. If you follow qwikrazor87 on twitter you might have seen a few tweets that talked a little about this. Now, qwikrazor87 and I discussed many options to try and get around it but had no real success with any of our ideas.

Qwikrazor noticed, that he could get any game that was signed (meaning ps1 games he bought and was not on the vita’s live area) to work on the loader and at that time the email hack just came out. He pulled a lot of info out of the vita around this time and believed signing ps1 games ( like we do for psp games) would work, but the big problem is we didn’t know if anyone out there made software like that. I tried asking a few people I knew and even a few PS3 guy’s but no luck and then qwikrazor87 told me he was going to be going dark for a while. So that ended any progress I knew about with  the other PS1 loader.

The PS1 loader the flow has found seems to have the same issues cause of FW 3.30 & higher, but he has found a way to get around the file size issue with splitting the files up in parts and then rejoining them. He say’s there won’t be any slow downs in the games and he will also include the split/join feature for VitaShell. There is still no ETA on his PS1 loader but it’s great seeing him share his progress with everyone.


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  1. This is super exciting news!

  2. Are they working on getting this for 3.57?

  3. I have a 3.57 vita can I just downgrade it to get the psx and cps2 enulator?

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