PSVita: Whats going on, VitaShell ported to FW3.67?

A few days ago Team Molecule/yifanlu released part of an article, on the state of things with the PSVita, it’s a really good read and advice you to check it out here. It basically states that everything they worked on still kind of works on the PSVita but like anything with new FW quite a few things needed to be updated and new kexpoit needed to be found. Now they have no interest updating it or looking for another kexploit and who can blame them they did a lot of great work on the PSvita that took a long time, just for the love of the game.  

Now the big news for the PSVita is The Flow is already porting vitashell to FW3.67, which means he got a full chain exploit for 3.67. Remember this is Total Noob, we are talking about, and has been on the scene for years but now goes by the name The Flow. He always comes through and when he say’s he’s working on something he will releases it but like always you need to be patient and wait for him to finish this work.

If you can’t believe this news you can read his tweets below even if you are blocked.. 😉

So at this moment, there’s no ETA to release this, so you must wait like we said, now it could be at the end of the year or even early 2019. Of course, it’s highly recommended that you don’t update your PSVita or PSTV beyond FW3.65 or 3.67 as it’s unclear which FW will be first but most likely all this stuff will work for FW3.67, just 3.65FW might be first but the most important thing.. is to BE PATIENT and don’t update if you like to run this, especially if Sony pushes another update once it’s released.

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