Vitashell now support USB mass storage transfer

About a month ago The Flow talked about the vita being able to finally be used as a USB mass storage device on the PC. This is one of the many features Sony failed to give us when making the PSVita instead we have to deal with CMA and everyone knows the headaches that software can give you when it’s not working right. Thanks to The Flow we can transfer big files via USB without the need of CMA, just like any of the other devices out there.Vitashell USB

Now for the PSTV your’e probably still going to have to use CMA or HENkaku with FTP via LAN or Wifi since the USB port on the PSTV is pretty useless and only good for charging or pairing a controller. Haven’t tested it myself with the PSTV and you can give it a try but I don’t think it will work given that the USB port was never meant for data transfers like the Vita.

Of course, you are going to have to be on FW3.60 and using HENkaku or taiHen to benefit from this release of Vitashell, you can get it either by doing the Auto-update or by installing the vpk file yourself.

Changelog 1.50

  • Added USB mass storage transfer support.
  • Added RAR archive support (by Mayoshiroi).
  • Added coredump viewer.

Changelog 1.51

Update for small bugfix:


Don’t format your vita memory card to Fat32 as there no way we know how the vita will act down the line, so I would not recommend doing this to yours. If you want to be the brave soul and test it out go for it.

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  1. “USB port on the PSTV is pretty useless” ;( sad panda

  2. So is it just me or for some super odd reason does trying to connect the vita in usb mode crash anybody elses windows 10 64? Newest hen, Vshell 1.5.

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