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WWDC 2020 iOS Announcements

Another summer has come and Apple has had another developer’s conference. They discussed new features of the next iOS and other OS’s. We’re going to specifically covering iOS in this article. We cover phone jailbreaks more than anything else Apple does. If you’re interested in also finding out about iPadOS, …

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XBOX Series X Specs

Welcome back. We’re all very much aware of the PS5 and the XBOX Series X at this point. We’ve also gotten some minor details from the both of them as well as an official look at the XBOX Series X tower style system. However, it wasn’t until just this morning …

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Microsoft Announces the All-Digital Xbox One S

Xbox One S All-Digital Edition

Intro Hi there J.C.Koopa here again with some more gaming news. Now I am a little late to cover this topic, but I wanted to wait and see a good amount of responses from social media before I said anything. Microsoft made the official announcement a few days ago that …

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SEGA Announces the Genesis Mini

Hey internet, J.C.Koopa here doing something new for me, covering some news. SEGA has recently announced the upcoming SEGA Genesis Mini. Yes, as part of the recent trend of companies manufacturing straight nostalgia in a tiny slightly-updated package, SEGA posted on March 30th that we could expect the Genesis Mini on …

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Ghidra Source Code Released!

The NSA’s major reverse engineering software, Ghidra, has been out for a month or so now. People have found that you can just use Ghidra to reverse engineer Ghidra and pop in their own code to adjust or improve aspects of it. However, now that step can be completely skipped …

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News: Hackinformer will be at E3 2019!

  Another year, another E3! Hackinformer will be at E3 this year and so far it’s shaping to be the most unique E3 to date. The reason being for this is that Sony has stated they will have ZERO presences at E3 this year. This comes as a complete surprise …

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