Xbox One S All-Digital Edition

Microsoft Announces the All-Digital Xbox One S


Hi there J.C.Koopa here again with some more gaming news. Now I am a little late to cover this topic, but I wanted to wait and see a good amount of responses from social media before I said anything. Microsoft made the official announcement a few days ago that they will be launching the new All-Digital Edition of the Xbox One S on May 7th this year. Reactions have been a bit mixed so far at best but let’s go over what we know so far and what people think of this announcement.Xbox One S All-Digital Edition


The All-Digital Edition appears to be the exact same as the one terabyte Xbox One S. They just removed the disc drive and slapped a face plate without the slot on it, without putting anything else in that open space or even making the console slimmer. This edition is supposed to offer more options for Microsoft customers, particularly those who want to transition into digital media only or those who are just now getting into console gaming who want to start off digital only. It will come with three pre-installed games which are Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, and Forza Horizon 3. It is currently available for pre-order and if you want one they are $249.00.

Xbox One S All-Digital Edition


I have seen responses vary with some gamers just being stoked about the All-Digital Edition, but there are a substantial number of players, myself included, who are a bit confused by this announcement if not just outright disappointed in Microsoft at this point.

First of all, the All- Digital Edition is coming out quite a bit late in this generation’s life cycle. After all we are expecting the next generation of consoles within the next year or two at most so the timing is just odd here. Also, they didn’t change anything other than removing the disc drive so if gamers already have an Xbox One S or an Xbox One X there is no point to get one and for gamers just now coming to Xbox why not still get a regular One S just in case you need the disc drive. Finally, for some players the price is an issue as some people think $249 for a console with a year of life left is just too much while others would rather just buy a used One S regular edition and save the money.

On the price I think it is fair if you compare it to a brand new One S regular in a bundle with a game which will also cost you $249, but the games that come with the All-Digital are a bit dated at this point and would make me just rather buy a different bundle with a newer game and have a disc drive.

Now in my opinion this entire decision by Microsoft is just odd. Though more gamers are connected to the internet than ever there is still a significant number of players that want hard copies of games. Microsoft tried this already when the Xbox One first launched though at the time they faced a lot more backlash than they are now. I am just not sure that the gaming community is quite ready yet for digital only console revolution especially since Sony still hasn’t pushed it yet on the upcoming PS5 as far as we know.

Xbox One S All-Digital Edition

What Does It Mean?

To me there is a pattern emerging with Microsoft that makes me wonder where the future of Xbox is going. To start Microsoft have been working on growing keyboard and mouse support on Xbox One lately, going so far as to recently partner with Razer for the new Razer Turret wireless keyboard and mouse designed for use with the Xbox One. Let’s also not forget that before the keyboard and mouse support they started by allowing players to link their Xbox to a PC on a network, so they could play games on their Xbox with a keyboard and mouse through the PC. Then finally they get their digital only console that they tried to push at the beginning of the Xbox One’s life cycle.

All in all, they make me wonder two things. First are they launching the All-Digital Edition just to brace players for the announcement that their next generation of console might be digital only from the start like they tried doing with the Xbox One. Second since they keep emulating trends previously seen in the PC market is the Xbox going to slowly turn into what amounts to a pre-built PC from Microsoft. I don’t know and though neither of those options would surprise me maybe I am wrong on both counts, only time will tell.

What do you think. Are you excited about the All-Digital Edition or digital only gaming in general? Are you confused like me or do just wish people will leave your physical media alone? Whatever you think tell us in the comments and in the mean time we will keep an eye one things here at Hackinformer.

Don’t forget if you want to look at the All-Digital Edition for yourself check it out at the link below.


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