Hakchi2 Updated to Support Sega Genesis Mini

If you’ve been following the scene closely, you’ll already be aware that there has been some support in Haxchi for the Sega Genesis Mini. Up until now, there hasn’t been an official, stable release with as many features. That has officially changed this week. So we’ve finally decided it’s worth showing what Hakchi2 CE has to offer.

What is Hakchi2 CE?

Below is the definition given by the creators, just know that now it also does Sega Genesis Mini!

‘This is a fork of hakchi2 (by ClusterM) by princess_daphie, DanTheMan827, and skogaby. The aim of this fork is to not only provide new UI features and enhancements, but also bring the core of hakchi2 up to date with the rest of the modding ecosystem (i.e. USB host support, SD support).

This application can add more games (game ROMs) to your NES/SNES Classic Mini or Famicom Mini. All you need is to connect it to a Windows PC via Micro-USB cable. No soldering or disassembling required.’

What’s in 3.7.0?

‘This release brings full UI integration to the sega mini system, it also makes use of additional space from the NAND that wasn’t previously usable, so you get more space for all your games!

  • New Features
    • Bluetooth support with optional hmod installable from the modules window
    • Sega Support!
      • Full stock UI integration
      • Folders
        • C button acts as a folder back button
      • Ability to force a specific UI theme
      • Support for launching Genesis/MegaDrive games in stock emulator
      • Support for launching games in other emulators
      • Save compression
      • Save compatibility with retroarch and m2engage
      • Spine generator with templates by TheWez1981
      • Genesis/MegaDrive folder artwork by TheWez1981
    • Make use of additional space on the NAND that previously wasn’t usable
    • Add SD card format to tools menu
    • Add ability to export and import folder structure
    • Add option to create save folder on usb export
    • Add support for other gamepads in stock ui / emulator
    • Get retroarch core info from hmod files
    • Save folder structure as html file instead of xml
    • Save modules report as HTML file instead of plain text
  • UI Changes:
    • Add description, genre, region, and additional player count entries to game info
    • Add information on common causes for taking too long to reboot
    • Change “Export Games” to “Export to USB”
    • Change dialog text when adding games to “Select games”
    • Change menu item text for uninstall and factory reset when shift is held
    • Move game count warning in folder manager into tool tip and make the label red when too many games are present
    • Replace references of “NES/SNES Mini” with “mini”
    • Set a minimum form size for mod hub
    • Standardize on the term “Console”
    • Typo: “Estimate tile left” to “Estimate time left”
  • Fixes:
    • Fix unintended scrolling when searching for images
    • Fix various bugs with the Google image search
    • Always use 228×204 for image resizing with the NES/SNES classic artwork
    • Fix “Group games w/ no box art” option including stock games if using their stock artwork
    • Fix NES fadein durations
    • Fix a crash when sorting by system
    • Fix issues scanning for box art
    • Fix motd links not opening in default web browser
    • Fix preset ID in sfrom editor to be the proper byte order
    • Fix problem importing legacy folders manager xml files
    • Fix problem when assigning core mame2003-plus to roms from UI
    • Fix size calculation bug if /var/saves doesn’t exist
    • Improve sfrom generation
    • Return the http status code if a mod repository is unable to be loaded
    • Search /media/ with the select firmware dialog
  • Behind the Scenes:
    • Add menu option to developer menu to download hakchi-latest.hmod from hakchi.net
    • Changes to custom background hmod
    • Copyleft update for translation mods and external UI
    • Get nand partition devices based on label
    • Load uboot from hakchi.hmod instead of file
    • Make MessageForm AutoSize to the text given
    • Update uninstall and flash uboot to latest hakchi commands
    • Use custom user agent for web requests’


Since the method is presumably different than that of Project Lunar we want to start fresh and give you a whole dedicated article on the instructions. Stay tuned as we’ll be cranking that out very soon after this. If you can’t wait for that, we really recommend Project Lunar. It’s straight forward and easy to use.


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