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Hardware Review: Everdrive GBA Mini from Krikzz

Now that Krikzz and crew are back up and running again, I decided it was high time to seek them out about a product review. They mentioned that they were set up in a new location and that they had products being listed on their site. I asked them if …

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Hardware Review: EverSD for Evercade

Do you have an Evercade? Are you looking for a reason to get an Evercade but you really don’t want to collect all of those custom cartridges? Well, might I interest you in the EverSD? It’s a flash cart specifically made for the Evercade! That may sound strange, but it’s actually …

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How To: Jailbreak iDevices using unc0ver

And just like that, hot on the heels of another unc0ver release, we’ve got the instructions for you. This is for those who are starting from scratch and need assistance getting the whole thing up and running. If that’s you, just know some of the screenshots still say a 4.x.x …

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PSA-Update/Downgrade iPhone to iOS 13.3 Now! (Details Inside)

If you follow the right people on Twitter, you may have already seen rumblings over the past couple of weeks hinting that everyone should be on iOS 13.3. Some people have been heavily hinting and calling any iOS other than 13.3 as crap and they downgraded or upgraded to it. …

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SX OS 2.9 Released, But Beware

I mean, finally, am I right?! Well, no, I’m not. Sometimes things take time to get updates and we should always be patient and leave people to do work so that they do it right the first time. But I digress, the 2.9 update for SX OS is out finally out and …

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unc0ver Updated to 3.7.0 Pre-Release!

Previously we had reported that the famed stable jailbreak, unc0ver, had been the first to jailbreak 12.4. Nobody really saw that coming, but everyone was exceptionally happy that it did. Except for those that were on 12.4 and also on an A12 and A12X device. Well, now the rest of …

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