7th Dragon III Code: VFD About To Drop For EU Users In December!

Sega’s 7th Dragon III Code: VFD is about to drop, and Deep Silver has announced that it will be launched for EU users on the 3D on December 2nd!

In the game, the world is engulfed in a time of darkness and great turmoil. In 2100, dragons descend upon Earth and humanity stands feebly at the mercy of these beasts. Hope is not lost, though. You as the protagonist will team up with Nodens Enterprises, which is a video game company that is dedicated to stopping the dragon menace. By teaming up with them, your goal is to become a dragon hunter and savior of the universe. Nodens Enterprises has found a way to fight back against the dragon menace: by traveling through time to three different eras to upset the balance of the dragons’ power.




Some of the features includes:

  • Different unique settings and time periods that you’ll be able to wage battle in the mythical kingdom of Atlantis, the futuristic capital of the land of Eden, and present-day Tokyo!
  • The game also features a deep party system and character customization options. Players will be joined by two squad members in the field, and you can have up to nine characters in your party. There are 8 different classes, 40 different voice options, and 96 appearance options.
  • Lastly, you can also have an HQ where you can develop skills, collect side quests, and even go on dates!

The game has a planned release date for EU users on December 2nd, while JP users will get it in November 2016!

7th Dragon III Code: VFD
Nintendo 3DS | Release Date: December 2016 (EU); November 22, 2016 (JP)

7th Dragon III Code: VFD (Nintendo 3DS™, EUR) US$ 39.99 pre
7th Dragon III Code:VFD (Best Price Version) (Nintendo 3DS™, JPN) US$ 29.99 pre

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