Switch: ReiNX v1.6 & new toolkit released!!

The Nintendo Switch has a few custom firmware to pick from but one of them has become very popular amongst sceners and that’s ReiNX. Developer Reisyukaku has just released another update for ReiNX putting in partial 6.0 support plus a new ReiNX toolkit.ReiNX

The toolkit is ran either through the homebrew menu or as a Custom NSP on the Home Menu. It’s able to update existing CFW, dump the Nands, Cal0, Boot0, and Boot1. It has a built-in AutoRCM toggle option and it can also change the splash.bin which supports png, bmp, and jpeg.


Features for ReiNX v1.6:

  • self chainloading
  • pm disables telemetry service
  • fs_mitm not in by default anymore
  • partial 6.0 support
  • ReiNX custom version string
  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.

Download: ReiNX_v1.6

Features for ReiNX Toolkit:

  • Dumps NAND/Cal0/Boot0/Boot1
  • Toggles AutoRCM
  • Splash.bin converter/changer (accepts formats such as jpg/bmp/png)
  • Reboot/Power off option
  • Update the toolkit from within the toolkit

Download: ReiNX custom NSP

Download: ReiNX Homebrew menu



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