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Rumble Tumble time lets have a Happy Fight Day!!

Have you already planned your weekend? We did, with so many new titles to try, we’ll hold some big tournaments with the hottest fighting game around! Thanks to the special “Rumble, Tumble, Cuddle” campaign you can experience the mightiest digital battles at a very special price! Are you ready? It’s …

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Dosbox port running on Xbox One

Recently Microsoft finally unlocked the ability for all retail Xbox One’s to become development kits free of charge. This will allow anyone to build, test, and play with UWP (Universal Windows Program) development, but you need to create a Dev account for a big whopping $19 dollars so it’s not exactly …

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What’s the best game console to turn into Emulationstation?

Most of us love playing old school games on our consoles to revisit our childhood or if you always wanted a game or system that you couldn’t get your hands on, like the NEO-GEO. I figure I would list the some of the best game consoles to turn into emulation stations, …

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants In Manhattan 1st Trailer and Info!

The official leak from Publisher Activision has left TMNT fans across the world in utter shellshock! With this reveal trailer, we finally get to look at the PlatinumGames Inc. developed title: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants In Manhattan, and as the New York minutes pass, the information being revealed is …

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The world’s first foldable smart mobile theater called the ROYOLE-X

Royole Corporation recently launched its new wearable product, Royole-X, the world’s first foldable smart mobile theater. The Royole-X is an audio and video headset that features breakthrough visual display, professional fidelity + noise-blocking audio technology, and an easy-to-use and yet powerful operating system that enables the sourcing of movies and …

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A new group of hackers are threatening to ruin Christmas for PlayStation and Xbox gamers again

If you recall last year a group of hacker named the Lizard Squad made Christmas not so fun for gamer as they shut down PlayStation and Xbox online services. The attack last year lasted 3 days, so PlayStation and Xbox gamers couldn’t get online to play their new systems or games …

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