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WWDC 2020 iOS Announcements

Another summer has come and Apple has had another developer’s conference. They discussed new features of the next iOS and other OS’s. We’re going to specifically covering iOS in this article. We cover phone jailbreaks more than anything else Apple does. If you’re interested in also finding out about iPadOS, …

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Apple Keynote Event-September 2018

The Apple Keynote Event comes every year and almost every year Apple nails the event. Last year’s event was definitely less than stellar as they announced a phone that was similar to the phone that everyone already had. The other phone was almost the same but was missing a home …

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Android: CyanogenMod for beginners

Most of us love tinkering with our Android phones and when it comes to custom roms. CyanogenMod is at the top of the pile but essentially CyanogenMod is just a plain Android Open Source Project, with a custom kernel and tweaks that make it a better choice over anything. It …

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