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WWDC 2020 iOS Announcements

Another summer has come and Apple has had another developer’s conference. They discussed new features of the next iOS and other OS’s. We’re going to specifically covering iOS in this article. We cover phone jailbreaks more than anything else Apple does. If you’re interested in also finding out about iPadOS, …

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Summer of Gaming-Day 1 Coverage

IGN has stepped in to help this year where E3 couldn’t. E3 didn’t happen, but they also didn’t want to put forth the effort to help get the information on the games streamed to the masses. So here we are, with IGN helping drop the information from the gaming studios. …

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MU6: Affordable, Smart, Noise Cancelling Headphones.

The time is finally right, I believe, to talk with you about the Mu6 (pronounced musix¬†[like musics]) headphones that are coming soon. What started as an IndieGoGo campaign for $20,000 is now at $130,412 earned with 3 weeks left! You’re soon going to find out why everyone was more than …

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