MU6: Affordable, Smart, Noise Cancelling Headphones.

The time is finally right, I believe, to talk with you about the Mu6 (pronounced musix [like musics]) headphones that are coming soon. What started as an IndieGoGo campaign for $20,000 is now at $130,412 earned with 3 weeks left! You’re soon going to find out why everyone was more than willing to give their money to this campaign. And there is still time if you want to do so yourself, especially because you get early bird pricing of $129. Let’s get to it!

MU6 Trailer:

Impromptu Testimonials:


  • Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation: immersive sound experience
  • Hearing Optimization: tailoring sound for your ears only
  • Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.0: stable connectivity
  • Smart Touch & Talk: cup the left earcup for a quick conversation
  • Auto Pause & Play: the audio auto pauses when taking off the headphones


Check out this graph that charts the difference in noise cancellation performance between the Mu6 and the Bose QC35 II. There is also a video of it below if you need some more input to grasp the differences.

You can see that the Mu6 does better than the Bose offerings for the noise cancelling headset. They at least concede where the Bose headset does better, but overall, the win goes to the Mu6.

Overall Thoughts:

This isn’t a review, clearly, this is us discussing some overall features and attributes that this Mu6 noise cancelling smart headset brings to the table. We hopefully will be reviewing it in the near future and we can discuss more of the technical side of things, how it relates to an average person’s daily life, and if it performs it’s advertised features properly. There’s a multitude of stuff on the IndieGoGo page if you want to read so many more facts about the product. You can find that by clicking here. Audiophiles will be rather impressed, I think!

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