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How to: Linux on the go

If you’re a tinker at heart like me, you’re always restless and looking to do some crazy “tech stuff”, no matter what the location or situation. Well me being, me, I was sitting idle at college for about 3 lectures with nothing to do, bored out of music and playing …

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Android: Tapjacking is Back on Marshmallow

Tapjacking, an ‘exploit’ that used overlays on android to display an attractive page/ fake UI to trick users into downloading malicious apps, visiting unwanted sites, etc This had been widely used since around 2012 till Android Marshmallow came with permissions, and also not allowing you to interact with dialogues if a …

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Suhide: Hide root access from selective apps

A maximum number of people have started using their phones with root access enabled considering how easy it has gotten now to gain root access. With root access come possible ways to modify apps, mostly as such that it turns out positively for you, but negatively for the developers. Some …

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Top Seven Free Android Apps for the weekend

We’re all always searching up the App Stores for something new, it’s shopping in an essence, only most of it is free, so who doesn’t like shopping, plus when it’s FREE! So i’ll be bringing 7 Android Apps every 2 weeks to Awesome-ify your time. Let’s begin then! Also the …

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