Sony seeks talents for a small first party studio


There something you don’t see all time, a job offer published by Sony, we all know how nippon some company can be. Well Sony is searching for Senior Software Engineer too, be insert in a small first party studio in San Mateo, California.

We are looking for an experienced and talented engineer to fill a technical leadership role on a small, nimble game studio at PlayStation. As well as being responsible for engineering direction this role is also expected to contribute art and design ideas in collaboration with the rest of the team. It’s an entrepreneurial opportunity which will offer a large amount of development freedom supported by the expertise and stability of the PlayStation family.

 The applicant must be able to demonstrate current working knowledge in the field of game development, graphics technology and techniques for recent applications (such as Unreal or Unity).

This will also include other code disciplines such as architectural design, implementation, and debugging on multiple platforms, working on complex problems with designers, artists and other engineers in domains including rendering, gameplay, audio, user interface, online, physics, databases, multi-threading, compute knowledge and tools.”


Given the high requirements of professionalism, they announce. What do you think Sony has in mind? Why do they want to insert, experienced elements in a small team not yet formed.

From the location of the studio, everything leads to the PixelOpus studio, responsible for the recent Entwined and formed by neo-graduates.
For now we will have to wait for futher details, maybe with info on a new prodution for psvita. Because of the requirement asked for unity and unreal engine development.

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