PSX,GBA,PSP,N64 Emus for XB1, Dreamcast Emu Coming Soon??

We apologize for the delay in the information (we reported on N64 already, but now apparently there are more), so we quadrupled down and are bringing you an article with four times the information! There is a team of devs over on XB1EMU that are bringing some of the best systems in gaming to our XBOX Ones. Currently, you can already get a PSX, GBA, PSP, and/or N64 emulator for the XBOX One (you’re not crazy, you read that right).  And soon there will be a Dreamcast emulator (more info on that further down on the page)! So let’s just into the meat and potatoes of this thing!

You must be wondering how this is possible. Does Microsoft support emulators on their system? Or maybe I have to hack my system just to get it to play emulators? Do these emulators come with ROMS? Woah, woah, woah, slow down.  I’ll answer all of these questions. So, no, Microsoft does not actively support emulators. But no, you also do not have to hack your XBOX One. And no, these emulators do not come with ROMS.

Microsoft’s XBOX One lets you legally switch it into devkit mode and sideload applications and programs made with Universal Windows Program. The devs of XB1EMU explain it a bit better, ‘We can forgive you if you didn’t even realize that unsupported emulation on the Xbox One was supported. It’s supported even without “rooting” your console; all you need to do is sign up for a developer account, switch an Xbox One to developer mode, and then sideload the custom software.’ If you don’t know how to do that, no worries, Hackinformer’s got you covered.  Simply click here to head over to a page that gives you the simplified instructions.  Now onto the emulators!

Here is a screenshot from the GBA emulator (Windows version, will also run on XBOX One). If you’d like to buy this emulator, click here.

Here is a screenshot from the PSP emulator (Windows version, will also run on XBOX One). If you’d like to buy this emulator, click here.

Here is a screenshot from the N64 emulator (Windows version, will also run on XBOX One). If you’d like to buy this emulator, click here.

And last of all of the current emulators it the PSX emulator,  here is a trailer for it. If you’d like to buy this emulator, click here.

The Golden Pack is precisely what it sounds like my friend. If you don’t fancy downloading each emulator separately for a total of $16, then you can get all 4 current emulators for $13 in total! That is a $3 savings! To buy the Golden Pack, click here.

The best part of all of this is the fact that there is a Dreamcast emulator on the horizon (since the XBOX One has the horsepower and all).  The devs even stated, ‘If we get enough support from you (financial) then we want to start working on the PS2 emulator for Xbox ONE.’ That is, to me, an incredibly powerful sentence. And it gets better, the Dreamcast emulator will be completely FREE of charge and will be coming late this summer.  So don’t just support them on their site, social media, downloading, but also donate to them by clicking here.  But no matter what you do, definitely peep the trailer for it.


If you want a link to their main page, click here.

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