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Red Goddess: Inner World – Steam Release Review

The platformer gods have smiled upon us and it is good. Hello all it’s riddle43 And do I have a treat for you! From Indie game Developer & 3D animators Yanim Studios, I give you a tale inspired by great games such as Super Metroid and Dust: An Elysian Tail… Red Goddess:Inner World! The …

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[Review] Vector Thrust

Vector Thrust is the name of a new fast-paced aerial combat action-arcade flight simulator which features a ton of gamemodes including a 13 missions story-based campaign, a battle scenario mode, customisable skirmish matches with AI, special time challenges and of course multiplayer. If this all is too complicated for you, …

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Short News: Steam Summer Sale just started

Heads up everyone! It’s this time of the year again, the Steam Summer Sale just started with awesome deals every day! – Don’t Starve for $4 – Valkyria Chronicles for $5 – Tales From The Borderlands for $12.50 – Metro & GTA franchise deals with up to 75% And additionally …

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