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Quest Arrest from John Roo. Unboxing, Interview, and More.

If you’re not following @QuestArrest and @theretroroomroo on Twitter, you probably should be. You’ll see why as this article progresses. You get a video of me unboxing his first physical game, an interview, and how you can play the game right now if you don’t need to own something physically …

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Review: Perception for Switch with Dev Interview!

Today’s title that we’re reviewing is one that I was completely taken aback by. We’ll be diving into the world of Perception (The Deep End Games, $14.99). This is one of the first fully 3D action adventure titles on the Switch. But, could it truly be more spooky than that? Could …

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Interview with Winter Drake, Developer of Breath of the NES

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with Winter Drake, the developer behind breath of the NES. Winter Drake’s goal was to bring to life the vision for the top-down version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild rendered in the style of the original NES game, shown off …

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Introducing Embers of Mirrim and interviewing Creative Bytes Studios

With GDC and PAX East behind us, it seems like the perfect time to introduce the upcoming current-gen adventure-platformer Embers of Mirrim. Embers of Mirrim is being developed by Canadian Creative Bytes Studios. It is their second own game, but they have taken a big step from the puzzle game …

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