Resident Evil 7 is a outlast ripoff!

DISCLAIMER: Gamestop in my local area has accidentally sold me and many others a copy of Resident Evil 7

To be honest, I never thought I would discuss this and try to stay positive about Resident Evil 7. I grew up with Resident Evil and I consider myself a diehard fan. Capcom promised they would return the Resident Evil Series back to its roots. They were basically apologizing for releasing the messes known as Resident Evil 5 & 6. I wanted to believe they learned their lesson and were dedicated to making a true and original horror game. So many Indie developers released horror games and have shown up Capcom at their own game. Thats downright embarrassing when smaller studios make better content than the Capcom and with much smaller budgets. They have no excuse and its so bad, they have to resort to ripping off Outlast.


I actually brought a PS4 for outlast and PS2 game re-releases. I was having a night out with friends and we ended the night with alcohol and outlast. I was very skeptical and even stated horror games are dead. My friends insisted and we had a group of 8 + people taking turns on this game. It was truly something different and I realized something about this game. Normally when I turn on 1 player horror games, people get bored when not playing or being invested in the game. Everyone was getting into it, we had fun with its simple idea. Each of us were challenging the other at figuring out the layouts and the pacing was decent enough. This game won me over and I realized horror games aren’t dead, Capcom has just lost touch with the medium. The outlast team has created a great concept and I congratulate them on their vision.


Yesterday I was contacted by my friends and we went to paint the town red. Eventually we found ourselves ending the crazy night with 3 tvs and xbox one consoles. We played Gears of War 4 and when we finished our session. One of us remarked, hey anyone up for a horror game? Resident Evil 7 is out and we need to check it see what great things Capcom had waiting for us. We had surround sound, Astro gaming headsets, awesome food and drinks. We soon realized we were playing game we have already beaten. Capcom had done it again, all talk and no bite. We were very disappointed and it was slap in the face. They have straight up lied about Resident Evil 7’s marketing and made a clone of Outlast. Same First person perspective with jump scares with identical environments. They literally slapped the resident evil name over this mess. If your like me, you saw lots of youtubers claiming its a great game. But remember how all those videos were sponsored content for Capcom. YouTube is becoming nothing but ads for companies and it leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. Capcom is paying everyone off to make this shameless knockoff sell.


Reality hit us all and we realize what Capcom has done! I wanted so badly to like this game and I would be in denial by not admiting the huge similarities. This is not a tribute to Outlast but Capcom trying to bank off the original developers. I’ve had enough with the lies and deceits, they should be ashamed of themselves. I do not recommend buying this game at the full retail price at all. If your inclined to play it, you should wait until it’s on sale. Its by no means, something you need to play today. There are better games out at the moment and spend your money more wisely. At the end of the day, I finally realize why Capcom announced they were remaking Resident Evil 2. They are running out of ideas and out of desperation, they are trying to stay afloat. Maybe one day we will get a real resident evil game, but don’t lose sleep over it. Expect more clones or Call of Duty action packed nonsense!!

Seriously Capcom ? You call that Resident Evil ?

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  1. Thanks you so much, i tell to everyone that this is not a Resident Evil, but these shit Capcom Bitch Fanboy Sucks them to the Balls this Game is just a FUCK to the HardCore FanBoy played Resident Evil between 1996-1998, RE Revelations 1 was in good part, the Second One is going to far, and now they release this ? a GangBang between RE5/RER1-2/Outlast/Doom Seriously Capcom ? you get your Foot Cuted Off and you fix it with some white liquid like theres nothing append( ?
    Seriously after a Shit Street Fighter V and this Shit Resident Evil 7, i really hope Capcom will die in the pain with Bankrupt and a lot of trouble !

  2. Please hand in your journalism bade and leave the internet. No room for whiney babies that have no idea what they’re talking about.

  3. I could believe that liquid could fusing his limb back together cause in a world full of BOW’s, Zombie, and tyrants. All of which we’re created with the T Virus there would have to be sirums that could do such that to the human body such as regeneration.

    I Haven’t played the game but it quite obvious that umbrella is researching and testing on the locals to create a need bio-weapon as we see with Jack his is at superhuman levels of strength.

    You say outlast clone but I see a numerous amount of weaponry in the player disposal such as a handgun, shotgun, and much more. You say running is an option, it has been since the beginning, in the original game if you stuck around to kill every zombie you saw, you’d run out of bullets for major enemy. Running from zombie has always been an option in resident evil game this isn’t a new concept that outlast invented, outlast just centered their game around it.

    I love the look of this game cause it returns to it’s roots and horror where the player is alone in a creepy mansion survive infected.

  4. The Problem is, outcast had a great atmosphere but a Bad game Design Fülle of trial and Error. I Player it much but never finished because of the cheap trial and error Gameplay. I’m interested in resident evil 7 . Not because of the name, but I really disliked resident evil 4-6 and the evil within .
    I’m an giant Alien Isolation fan and I’m not believe in Resident evil 7 as the new number 1 horror game in my list, but the demo was nice and had a good graphic on pc. Capcom makes good ports. So I will buy it, not on the first day, but for the half of the release price I think.
    Outlast is more then overrated sorry

  5. Even IGN has stated it looks alot like outlast
    Overrated or not, it was enough for capcom to use the same idea.

  6. Keith L Salmon II

    in entertainment alone ideas are always copied especially in gaming. The full game is different from the demo and i think you should play the full game if you get the chance to. there are a lot of people enjoying it and it has been getting very good reviews. I agree it does look a lot like outlast but I picked it up and played a little, I feel as though the experience is different.

    • Gamestop actually sold us resident evil 7 and many others the full retail game before the street release date. Notice I never said the gameplay was bad but more along lines of this not being a resident evil game at all. If you enjoyed it good for you and people have a right to know what they are getting into before spending 65 bucks. I still stand by waiting for a sale price before saying it’s worth it.

  7. I’m willing to bet that if you asked the developers of Outlast where their inspiration came from, they would tell you one game would be Resident Evil. Like it or not, Resident Evil has spawned a lot of the survival horrors we’ve come to know and love, today. Maybe they got lazy and “copied” some things but I see it more as inspiration. If some things get mimicked to create a quality release but is a different overall game ultimately… I don’t see the issue. If you wanted to nit pick, you could do this with EVERY video game ever released. “I hate Tekken, it has the same game play as Street Fighter.” Play it, don’t play it. Regardless, it sold well and was well received. Way to try to fill the news section with your super-bias opinions though. That’s rule 1 of journalism, avoid bias.

  8. There already is a outlast 2 so that is inaccurate, if anything its Outlast 3

  9. The most “resident evil” game since 3 or cvx your legit joking right

    • Iusefactsunlikeyou

      Yeah, this game is more Resident Evil that even 4 or 5. Just because it’s first person means it’s a ripoff? By that logic, P.T ripped off Amnesia.

      Let’s compare instead of being dicks:
      Outlast: No
      RE: Yes

      First Person
      Outlast: Yes
      RE: Yes

      Based on one enemy
      Outlast: No
      RE: Yes

      Aid Items
      Outlast: No
      RE: Yes

      Outlast: Hospital (inside 98% of time)
      RE: House, yard, misc locations (inside 50%)

      Horror Element 1-10
      Outlast: 10
      RE: 4-5

      Outlast: First game so no issue
      RE: More of a resident evil than 4 or 5 because you feel enclosed and claustrophobic. Instead of shooting an enemy 3 times, here they almost never die. You feel like you have to survive, not kill like the originals.

      Outlast: Run, hide, escape with a lot of twist and turns
      RE: Run, shoot, heal, and find someone

      So, with this comparison, no RE7 is not a ripoff. In my opinion, Outlast probably took a lot of inspiration from RE 1-6.