Quest Arrest from John Roo. Unboxing, Interview, and More.

If you’re not following @QuestArrest and @theretroroomroo on Twitter, you probably should be. You’ll see why as this article progresses. You get a video of me unboxing his first physical game, an interview, and how you can play the game right now if you don’t need to own something physically to enjoy it. Let’s put on bulletproof vest and holster our guns. It’s time to ride!

About the Game:

The game follows the main protagonist, recently promoted, Detective Allison Bennett on her quest to clean up her city, Strange Meadows, after the recent crime spree that has thrown the city into chaos. Athena, and her gang, has been terrorizing the residents and has set her sights on taking over the city for herself.

Unboxing Quest Arrest:

Interview with Developer John Roo:

Play it now in your browser:

Click here to play this game in your browser.

Donate and get a digital copy of the game:

Click here to donate and start playing on an NES emulator, Android, or on Windows.

Buy a Physical Copy of the Game:

Click here for the cart only.

Click here for the CIB game.

Game Merch:

Click here to view clothes and more!


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