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Greetings guys and gals! ss4gogeta069 back with a little update on the Save Wizard for PS4 MAX. It has been a very busy 3 weeks for the Save Wizard team. There are a few things I want to throw out and also a warning or two I need to address but first, lets talk about some good stuff!

Save Wizard

There were a few bugs to work out, a few codes that needed tweaking but overall I would say it’s been a great release. Games are beginning to be added; so far in the first addition we saw GTA 5, Persona 5, and Super Robot Wars V. Also, a whole lot of the missing regions for games have been added which is mostly thanks to you guys for sending in saves from different regions! 

Save Wizard

Now, as with any device, people are beginning to abuse things. Those who don’t have common sense enough to keep things legit have begun modding their stats and inflating themselves artificially to the point that they seem invincible. I can’t begin to tell you how unethical this is in PVP play and also how dangerous it is for you.

First off, if you over-inflate things people WILL NOTICE! They don’t like it when you cheat in an online battle or game. For example, it seems people have been making themselves gods in Nioh after they leveled up to the max. This is eventually going to lead to…

  1. The server or players notice and you’re reported and banned from online play on THAT GAME.
  2. People report you to Sony or Sony themselves notice and you’re account gets banned. I don’t know how many digital games you own but if your account gets banned you will lose every single piece of digital content you have purchased. For me, it’s not even close to worth it. At $60 a pop these games aren’t cheap so it would suck to lose a bunch of those because you were being dumb. 
  3. Sony coming after Save Wizard because it lets people cheat in PVP and online. (Which I can assure you the Save Wizard team will take your privileges away before they allow that to happen.)

Since it seems people can’t be trusted, the team at Save Wizard made a decision to make Nioh a “Quick Mode Only” game. So now, thanks to a few idiots that have a lack of common sense, you may no longer add your own codes nor can you use codes you have previously added. Also, you have no access to Advanced Mode for Nioh.

Save Wizard

Overall it seems this launch has been quite nice and also the games are about to start flowing in (I hope). There have been a few additions and changes. Also, there is now a save submission form for those that would like to contribute a save to the team that I’ll link at the bottom of the article. I only ask that you ALWAYS include either screenshots or written stats: exp, items, etc so the team knows what to look for. Otherwise it’s just a bunch of letters and numbers.

Finally, the last thing I want to mention is that as of right now the promo period is still going on. You get a 2 year subscription for only $49.99. When this is over I fully expect it to shorten to one year, the price go up, or both. Grab it while you can!!!

Thanks for reading and as always… Happy Gaming and KEEP ON PRAISING THE SUN!!!



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  1. Those are some high expectations with little to no merit. Who is paying you to promote this? At least pretend like you have been around long enouh to know that save data editors all go in the same direction (and that is down) 2 years is a ridiculous commitment if Sony finds a way to shut this down via patch or other way. 2 years is also a stupid long time to consider when on this very site you publish all the advancements we make in exploiting the PS4. The only way anybody should be stupid enough to make even a 1 year commitment to this is if you could gaurantee that Sony couldnt do anything to patch it, and there will be no advancements in exploiting the PS4. (you cant, and you shouldnt even want to)

  2. Trolling and insults to the integrity of not only myself but this site aside, no one pays me to promote anything. I like the product. I always have. If I didn’t I certainly wouldn’t promote it. If I didn’t think it was a good investment I wouldn’t promote it. You are making some wide and unsubstantiated claims. There is a save editor for the PS3 made by this same group of guys that still works to this day. Sony has tried to block them once without success and I’m quite certain, since I know these guys, they wouldn’t put out a product that they think could be blocked. Do you have absolutely no sense about how business works? They wouldn’t be in business very long if they sold something claiming a year access then it got blocked in a month. Now, I’m not sure if you don’t understand or what but no one is asking YOU to make any commitment. Saying that you’re being asked to make a one or two year commitment is asinine at best. All you’re being asked to do is pay for a product if you want to use it. Seems simple. If you think it’s worth it and a good value, like I do, then buy it. If not then don’t. But for you to come here and attack the integrity of this site and my integrity is pathetic. I have always been and will always be completely honest in all of my posts. Don’t like it? Don’t read it!


      This is from your site. Are you serious when you say there is no chance this cannot happen again in two years? It’s fair if you want to support a product but now you are just being bullheaded for the sake of argument. ALSO, what the hell does a 2 year subscription mean to you? (let me know what phone company you subscribe to) To put it simply, its a commitment. You cannot subscribe to something for 2 years and stop when you get tired of it. You are being asked to pay for a product for 2 years regardless to whether or not it works for the next 2 years, or there is an advancement in the community that makes it obsolete. you are right, I don’t have to pay for it, but I am also just as free as you are to state wherever I want to that I think its a bad idea. Which I did.

      I didn’t just show up to the community. I have acquired many save editors for a few generations now, and they are ALL obsolete and were so quite quickly. This BS argument about working save editors on the PS3 is just sad. If you want to waste your money on a save editor for the PS3 that still works more power to you but you are doing a disservice to the community when there are plenty of free, and much better options to modify not only save files, but game files on the PS3 (and we both know you know that already so please stop playing ignorant for the sake of taking your false high road)

      My post wasn’t meant to put your pride on the line, so my apologies if it was a bit harsh. You need thinker skin though if you got hurt that much. This is the internet, and much worse goes around. My intentions were purely to put the future of any and all save editors in perspective based on my experience because they all have followed the same trends for as long as I have been gaming, (and that was the start.) There is absolutely no reason anybody should ever rush out and buy a save editor because I have never had one that was still worth it after a year let alone the 2 they are asking for. If my experience clashes with yours thats your problem, and judging from your lengthy post you should already know how to handle it.

  3. Why block everybody from advanced mode ,when its just certain people who did,why not just block them from advanced mode,cause I do not even use online at all,and I make all my own codes,because they usually much better than the ones on there,so thats just screwing over all the wrong people,so just consider that please.