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Just A Rant On Gaming (As I See It)

Hello, everyone riddle43 here with you again and today I like to bring up a subject that’s kind of troubling me lately. It’s the direction that games seem to be going in and this is kind of leading me into a little bit of worry as an old school gamer. …

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8BitDo’s Retro Wireless Controllers – Connecting So Many Platforms!

As gaming peripherals have always existed since gaming, great peripherals have endured the decades of demands from many gamers; that the controllers simply work the most important feature above all else, even regardless of style. However, that doesn’t mean that there haven’t been attempts to combine gaming aesthetic and function – …

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Raspberry Pi: The Gameboy Zero

Following our last write-up about ‘What’s the best game console to turn into Emulationstation?‘ the Raspberry Pi obviously couldn’t make it to the results as it’s no gaming console if we put it that way.. BUT we thought it definitively should get mentioned separately! Additionally (if you aren’t following us …

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