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E3 2017 Day 4:Show Floor Highlights

Now that the last of the press conferences have now been finished, we will have info from the show floor. This means games that got no stage time, potentially any hardware that is on the show floor, and just anything we found cool as hell that we think you may as well.

Metroid Samus Returns:

This premiered for the 3DS on Treehouse Live.  It’s a full Metroid remake of the Gameboy version for the 3DS (clearly they heard our complaints about Federation Force last year as well as this is why they took down AM2R). It’s a full 3D Metroid game. But it’s a 2D scroller like the days of old. It very much looks like Metroid Fusion, but with fantastical new graphics and bosses that are unforgiving. On Nintendo Treehouse they played it on their live stream.  They showed that before Samus could only aim at 45-degree angles, but now she can freely aim her arm wherever. She also has a melee parry if an alien flies at her. She also has the morph ball that is now useful to Metroid games nowadays. There will be Amiibo support, with both current Metroid Amiibo as well as 2 new Amiibo!

Sonic Forces:

The next of the full 3D Sonic titles got a new trailer this weekend. Within that new trailer there’s even a new villain! The game will be seen this Holiday 2017. Check out that trailer, man!

Sakuna-Of Rice and Ruin:

The game was teased by indie dev Edelweiss prior to E3. It features hectic melee fighting against varied types of monsters. But then, you know, there’s also farming rice to counterbalance the fighting! The trailer will explain so much more to you. Below the trailer we even have a picture of people enjoying the game from the E3 show floor.

Shantae-Half Genie Hero:

The beloved title will be finally making it’s Nintendo Switch debut. This game will come with an extra character named Risky Boots. It also will include the game’s DLC, Pirate Queen’s Quest, baked right in. Peep the new E3 trailer!

8Bitdo Announcements Galore:

8Bitdo has made announcements for oh so many things this E3 (so far) and most likely that isn’t the end of what we’ll see from them in the coming year. My fellow blogger, Darthsternie, has a full report on it. Click here to see everything about them.


Vampyr is back and it has a new trailer. It’s about time since it’s just kind of been under the radar for the last 12 months. 

Metroid-Samus Returns:

Bet you didn’t expect to see this game mentioned again on the same day. Nintendo decided to announce that the game will also receive a special edition of the physical copy. Here’s what the special edition entails. The box art on the special edition is an homage to the original Gameboy box, which, coincidentally was a square picture. So they made the imagery similar.  It also includes a CD and on that disc is the “Samus Archives Sound Selection”. Obviously, the special edition also includes the cartridge. The CD will not be in the box with the cartridge clearly, it will have its own cardboard slip cover. If we didn’t mention it before, it is definitely worth noting that the game comes out this year, on Sept. 15th.

Utawarerumono-Mask of Truth:

The game was teased before the PlayStation stream last night, however the game now has an E3 official trailer. This is one of the games that are still supporting the Vita with content. Please try to pick up a copy of the game if you like what you see in the trailer.

Rocket League Price:

Rocket League was announced for Switch today. Then it was announced that it will come out this “Falliday” 2017. They even told us that it would have cross platform support with XBOX and PC players. BUT, they didn’t tell us the price. However, now, Nintendo dropped one more awesome Rocket League pricing. This actually came directly from Reddit of someone who was on the Nintendo’s show floor.  The cost is official, $19.99. No lying. Really. Honestly.


We finally get some more gameplay footage for the weirdest game from the last few years, well at least in my opinion. Fortnite has a lot of different gameplay mechanics all rolled into one. Here is the newest trailer. 

Fuzion Frenzy:

XBOX announced backwards compatibility with the OG XBOX coming this fall. They announced Crimson Skies will be the first game in the coming future, but now they’ve announced another one that will be available at the beginning. Fuzion Frenzy will now be one of those games that are first up. 

The Persistence:

The Persistence is yet another game coming to PSVR. This one, though, is different. The game is a procedurally generated survival horror. This means even if you die and restart, it’s going to be a different scenario of the same difficulty. You’re forced to always be on your feet. Here is a trailer, because you need it. You just didn’t know it.

Dissidia-Final Fantasy NT:

Square Enix has been using E3 to show off NT gameplay. The game seems to have developed on the great gameplay from the other Dissidia iterations. There’s the basic characters from previous games, but also with some new characters. The visual clearly harness the power of the PS4, I’m not certain if it is PS4 Pro Enhanced or will be at some point. Either way, here are some trailers showing that gameplay in action.

Terry Crews:

The man is in the game. It is officially confirmed and will be playable. The developer won’t tell us to what extent if it’s just his voice, or his whole likeness, or maybe he won’t even be a hero. The trailer implies that he’s a hero by how he’s dressed, but since they said they can’t tell us yet, that maybe he isn’t. Maybe he’s just a vigilante wannabe cop? No matter what it is, all that I know is that no matter how I get him, I will be using him.


Before Sony’s Media Showcase, they had trailers running for games that we may have already have been aware of. One such game that they showed was for Lawbreakers. The trailer was not a gameplay trailer, unfortunately. But don’t worry reader, we have not only that trailer, but a gameplay trailer, and a picture from the show floor of the Lawbreakers set up!

That wraps up day 4!

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