How to make Vita bubbles without a PS3

Thank to  @kuin00, you can finally make your own bubbles for the PSVita without a PS3, you will still need TN-V or VHBL on your PSvita to make these bubbles. I have not had chance to test this out myself but thought you all would like to give it a …

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[Release] Hykem’s Vitasploit

Native Vita Developer Hykem has just released Vitasploit tool for the PS Vita WebKit exploit. Quote from “Hi. I’ve been working on the PSP/PSVita reverse-engineering scene for quite some time now and I’ve seen a bunch of repositories and source code aimed at the recently revealed WebKit exploit. I …

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Webkit memtools 0.2.2 out now & Something interesting coming to Vita FW 1.XX ?

Yesterday @BBalling1 released the memtools for the Vita Webkit Hack. (If you have not heard about the webkit you can read about it here)Thank to developer @Josh_Axey and PureIso (  they have added a fix to the directory bug.  Download memtools V2.2:    Thanks to @Josh_Axey and PureIso ( for contributions to memtools_vita. 0.2.2 …

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