New Psvita Kernel Exploit Release info

Well there has been talk of a new kernel exploit for the psvita and the Developer Total_Noob is hard at work on an update for the highly popular PSVITA Custom Emulator Firmware TN-V. So here is a little more information about the release and what firmware it will support . TN-V4: …

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Wirelessly transfer files between PSP and Android

Here’s a nice method of using FTP. You run an FTP server on the PSP/PSvita, an FTP client on Android, and it works great. I’ve used this method with 6.20 TN-E, and also with TN-V. You can download the ftp server here: PSP-FTPD v0.5.0. You can download the ftp client here: AndFTP. …

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PSvita New Firmware 2.60,it’s Features and Functions

“New firmware 2.60 is out for your psvita, bye new exploit it was fun. Firmware 2.60 must be installed to use some features and functions of the PlayStation  Network. You must update the system software of PS Vita. Also by updating the system software of PS Vita, can strengthen security and by …

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PSVita will work as a PS4 controller

Sony’s PlayStation Vita, handheld will not work as a controller for all games on the PlayStation 4. Sony Computer Entertainment president of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida said “that the PlayStation Vita will only work as a controller on the system if the game’s developer has specifically designed the game to …

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Qwikrazor87’s PSVita exploit has been announced.

The PS Vita exploit has been announced finally for the US. Now VHBL loader looks like it can play a lot of different emulators. With others tweaking some emulators they may get them to work even better. Now the game is available in Canada. This exploit may or may not …

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